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Your Life Key

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Life Coaching
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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ & Health Coach
Your life experiences are a unique key to a door of purpose only you can open.
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4 reflections
Great analogy: the ridges on a key and life experiences
Reframing our life’s challenges and damage/hurt to being a key to our empathy is pretty cool.
The key
This is simply beautiful! I love the analogy of our lives to that of a key. I hope to unlock more gifts and treasures within myself in order to embrace my pain as being valuable. Thankyou so much 💝
I loved that. I'm very excited and curious about what I will find along my journey. I learned a lot today. Thank you.
Great lesson! Please read slower 😅
Loved the lesson but I would advise Tudor to read slower. Not all of us here on Aura are native English speakers. Suggestion to include meditation on gifts of the Holy Spirit in everyday life please. Also, about the sacrifice of Jesus and how we relate to this and what we should do about it? What is sin and what is not. Thank you.
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