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What is Aura?

Aura is “Spotify for Mental Health & Wellness” - it brings you the world’s largest premium library of thousands of mindfulness meditations, stories, CBT, hypnosis, and coaching tracks created by the top coaches around the world. 

With Aura, you can find peace throughout the day with audio guidance from the world’s best coaches, with topics ranging from stress & anxiety, sleep, focus, and inspiration. As you use Aura, each moment will be more special and personalized, as it learns what works for you.

Tracks start at just 3 minutes so that anyone can form a daily habit easily or take a moment for themselves to feel better.

Is Aura free?

Aura’s limited version is free for everyone when using the mobile app - one new 3-min session every two hours daily is on us. You will have an option to upgrade to a Premium subscription, which gets you unlimited access to all meditations, life coaching, stories, music, hypnosis, offline capabilities, and much more.

If you chose to upgrade to Premium, here are our standard prices:

-Annual Plan US$ 69.99 with 7-day free trial

-Monthly Plan US$ 11.99

-Lifetime Plan US$ 399.99

-Family Plan (upgrade to add more members in one subscription) US$ 119.99

*** Prices vary per region due to forex and taxes if applicable. 

Where to download Aura on AppStore or Google Play Store?
I have a subscription but everything is locked!
  • Check your subscription status depending on the type of your subscription.

App Store Subscriptions (Apple iOS): 

Google Play Subscriptions (Android): 

Web Subscription (via Aura website): Email us at

  • Make sure you're logged in on the correct account. The login button for current members is available by tapping the 'Existing User? Login' option at the bottom of the Let’s Get Started button. Remember to log in by the manner of how you signed up your account linked to Premium.
  • If your subscription shows active and you are on the right account but still unable to access tracks, use the steps below according to your type of subscription:
  • App Store Subscriptions (Apple iOS): Launch Aura on your device > Me > Menu ( ☰ ) > Aura Premium > Scroll down and tap Restore Purchases
  • Google Play Subscriptions (Android): Send us an email at with your Google Play emails address and your Order Number / Transaction ID 
  • Web Subscription (via Aura website): We usually send a receipt for your purchase, kindly email using your registered email address with your receipt at
I purchased through your website, but I can’t access the tracks?

You can download the Aura app on your device using the links below: 

Download iOS App

Download Android App

If you’re on the app but the tracks have lock icons on it, make sure that you’re logged on the account you’ve linked your premium with.

You may also access Aura on the web app by logging in to

What are the features of having a Premium account?

Premium gives unlimited access to mindfulness meditations, stories, CBT, hypnosis, and coaching tracks created by the top coaches around the world. You will also have download access and other app features.

How long is the trial period?

Standard trial period is 7 days, unless subscribed to monthly - no trial period.  

How to turn off auto-renewal or cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time by following the steps below using the Aura app:

  1. Launch Aura on your device > go to Me 
  2. Then tap Menu ( ☰ )
  3. Choose Contact Us > I want to cancel my subscription
  4. Select Continue unsubscribing > Choose What's not working out for you?
  5. Tap Unsubscribe button below 
  6. Depending on how you subscribed, you’ll get either a successful pop-up notification or you’ll be directed to manage your subscription through Google Play Store or Apple AppStore

Please follow the link associated with the type of subscription on your Aura account for more information:

App Store Subscriptions (Apple iOS):

Google Play Subscriptions (Android):

How to get a refund?

To get a refund, it would depend on how you purchase your subscription:

If you made an in-app purchase through Apple AppStore, you must contact Apple directly, as they do not provide us with the ability to process refunds. Only Apple can process refunds for purchases made through an Apple iTunes account.

You can contact Apple Customer Support directly at When you get to this page, choose Apps & Software > AppStore > Subscriptions & Purchases > Request a refund then choose the best option for you.

If you made an in-app purchase through Google Play Store on Android, please send us an email for a refund request at with your Google Play Order Number / Transaction ID (Example: GPA.0005-8635-6481-19000..0). 

If you made a subscription purchase directly through our website, kindly email us at Make sure to use your registered email address when sending us your request. You may also include a copy of your invoice or receipt.

I accidentally upgraded to a Family Plan. How can I change it back?

If you are still under the free trial, you may downgrade to an individual plan using the Aura app under Me > Menu ( ☰ )  > Contact Us > I want to downgrade my family plan > Continue downgrading > select what’s not working out for you > Downgrade family plan.

If you were already charged, please send us an email at

Where can I check my subscription status?

Follow the link associated with the type of subscription on your Aura account for more information:

App Store Subscriptions (Apple iOS): 

Google Play Subscriptions (Android): 

Web Subscription (via Aura website): Contact us at with your registered email address

Does my Premium subscription auto-renew?

Yes. “Monthly” and “Yearly” subscriptions are billed in one payment at the time of purchase, and automatically renewed at the end of the initial term. 

Subscriptions automatically renew and your account will be charged unless cancelled within the period or if auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period.

How to subscribe to a monthly subscription?

Switching or changing subscription varies depending on how you subscribe. 

For purchase through AppStore, use the steps provided in this article: If you are within the 7-day trial period, you can switch to our Monthly subscription plan without any charges. If the 7-day trial is over and has been charged for yearly, choosing to switch to monthly will take effect after your current subscription expires. 

For purchase through Google Play Store, follow the instructions here: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play

For purchase through our website, at this time we don't offer monthly but feel free to let us know if you prefer to cancel your current subscription and use either AppStore or Google Play Store for monthly subscription instead.

Why do I have to pay for full access to Aura?

Subscription fees go directly to support therapists and coaches who are creating content for people on Aura. It also helps Aura to operate its business to serve you the best.

Why is my refund not showing on my bank statement yet?

Check out the refund timelines for in-App purchases via


Google Play Store:

Web subscriptions (through Aura website): It may take about 5 to 10 days to appear on your statement

If it takes longer than the expected timeframe, please contact your bank for assistance.

It’s not allowing me to cancel my subscription.

Cancellation will apply to your current subscription. If the trial or subscription has been canceled, you will see the expiration date listed. If it has not been canceled yet, you'll see the renewal date, along with the price you'll be charged at and an option to cancel.

You can use the articles below according to how you subscribe to see more details:

Subscribed via iTunes:

Subscribed via Google Play:

I’m having issues with Aura on my device, how can I resolve it?

You may follow these basic troubleshooting steps to try to resolve it.

  • Get the latest version of Aura
  • Uninstall Aura on your device and reinstall the latest version available
  • Turn your device off and on

Email us at if the above didn’t work. We’ll try our best to resolve it

Is there a way to purchase a subscription from Aura then send it as a gift?
I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Simply launch Aura and tap Existing user? Login link, enter your email address then hit the Forgot Password link. We’ll send you a password reset link. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder in case it does not show in your inbox after a few minutes.

Note: (1) This option would only apply to those who registered using email-password combination. If you signed up either through Facebook, Google or Apple ID, we recommend changing your password on the platform used. (2) The password reset link will expire after a few minutes, best to use it right after you’ve requested it.

How do I change my current password?

Launch Aura on your device and go to Me > Menu ( ☰ ) > Edit Account > Change Password > type your current password > set a new password then Save.

How to change my email address on my account?

Using the Aura app, go to Me > Menu ( ☰ ) > Edit Account > Edit Email.

How to delete my account?

To delete, launch Aura on your device > Me > Menu ( ☰ ) > Edit Account > More > Delete Account.

What languages are available in Aura? How do I change it?

Aura is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, and Japanese. You can change your language settings by heading to ‘Me’ tab > Menu (top right corner) >  Display Language

Someone gave me a gift code, but it still asks me to pay and sign up for a free trial. How to redeem it?
  • Go to
  • Click the Get Started
  • Choose to create a new account or tap Already have an account? Log In link if you have an existing account
  • Log in to your account
  • On the next page, apply the gift code on the required field
  • Relaunch Aura app on your device and enjoy Aura Premium!
If I uninstall Aura on my phone and reinstall it, will it erase my account?

No. It may log you out of your account but you can always log in using the Existing user? Login option.

I am interested in being a content creator for Aura, how to be a coach and upload my tracks?

Simply go to and tap the Apply to be a coach link at the bottom of the homepage then answer the questions provided on the form. 

Are there special discounted rates for students, military, nurses, doctors, etc?

At this time, there isn’t an ongoing public offer but you can reach out at for any ongoing promotions.

I played a session but my streak didn’t count.

Streaks are counted based on the number of consecutive days you listen to a track. If you miss a day, your streak will revert to zero.

You can always use the option to restore streaks by going to Me > Menu (☰) > Contact Us > I lost my streak.

Is Aura publicly traded?


Do we have Aura merchandise available?

None yet.

How to contact someone in Aura?

You can email us at any time and we’ll do our best to answer as soon as possible. You’ll typically hear from us within 24-48 business hours after we receive your inquiry.

What is a Family Premium plan?

It's a subscription upgrade that lets you add members to your subscription.

What is a 1:1 Coaching subscription?

It's an additional subscription option to your annual Premium plan and it is USD 149 per month. This subscription includes the following perks:

  • 1 free video onboarding call (30 mins)
  • Unlimited messaging with the coach
  • Private journal (with option to share with the coach)
  • Mood/mindfulness/sleep data tracking with the coach
  • Custom track recommendations from the coach
  • Option to book a-la-carte video calls with coach (Additional cost - price based on the coach)

Product Features

Can I use Aura while offline?

Yes, you can download tracks while online and play tracks when you’re offline at any time. While on the track player, tap the three dots (found on the lower right of the screen) then select Download. To access your downloaded tracks, go to Me > under Library, select Downloaded Tracks.

How to download, listen later, add to playlist and favorite track?

On the track player, tap the three dots ( ••• ), then select your preferred action (favorite, add to playlist, listen later, download and/or share). To access them, head over to Me then scroll down and find it in the Library.

You may download tracks while online and listen when you’re offline under the Downloaded Tracks.

How do I filter tracks?

FILTER BY TOPIC, DURATION, COACH, GENDER, COUNTRY AND GUIDANCE: On the Aura, Coach and Sleep tab, tap the filter icon then select your preferences

EXPLORE by using the search feature: Tap the Search icon 🔍 to explore types of contents, topics, by duration, and coaches.

How to manage the background sounds?

While playing a track, tap the Background Sounds icon 🎵 to manage the background sounds.

How to set the sleep timer?

A sleep timer is a feature that will allow Aura to play continuously on a set duration, either with just a background sound or tracks when auto-play is turned on.

On the track player, tap the Sleep Timer 🌙 icon. Select how long you would like to have the background sounds or tracks playing. 

Can I go back to the last meditation I’ve taken?

Yes. Go to Aura App > Me > Recent Sessions

Are there any longer meditations?

We have meditations for up to 1 hour. Filter via the filter duration option.

What is “Streak”?

A streak means finishing one or more sessions for one or more consecutive days. If a day is missed without completing a session, the streak count will revert to zero.

Integrating to Apple Health

Me > Menu ( ☰ ) > Connect Apple Health

Sound effects

To manage, tap Music note on the lower left

Sleep Timer: Continue background sounds after your session has ended.

Sounds will automatically turn off 

To manage, tap the Sleep Timer / Crescent Moon icon on the lower right

How often do we add new meditations?

Every week!

Do we have non-guided meditations available?

Yes, go to ‘Explore’ then select ‘Music’

Can a user link Aura to Samsung watch?


Does sound/music count on consecutive days or as a streak?


What are the required specifications when downloading Aura?

There are no required specs but there are few devices we cannot support

Does Aura have ads?

Both Aura free version and Premium does not have ads

Are all coaches/teachers female?


Are all coaches/teachers white?

No, we work with coaches of all backgrounds

Why do I need to “earn” a next level?

It’s just to make meditating more fun and motivating!

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