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You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
There are brief moments, or even long seasons when you doubt yourself. When you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, on the right path or being your best. If only I were more, you think. More wise. More wealthy. More healthy. More worthy. But no matter where you are on this beautiful journey, you are perfect just the way you are, right now. And you’re worthy of love, respect and grace. Especially from yourself. So the intention of today’s meditation is to allow you to shed any self-doubt or self-criticism or guilt you might be feeling for not being “perfect,” and surrender to the truth that you are already perfect just the way you are in this moment.
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3 reflections
Self love
I absolutely love this!!! I smiled and saw my beauty...something I have not ever, ever done before. Thankyou!💝💝💝💝
Soul Connection
Sometimes we can be our worst enemy instead of our own best advocate. This can create a life always in doubt. In doubt and/or guilt, we find ourselves always pushing to do more, be more. In this beautiful meditation, Katie has us do a visualization technique which reminds us that we are perfect just the way we are. After a few deep breaths, my body relaxed. Following Katie’s guidance, I found myself standing in a brightly colored room with a full length mirror. Looking myself in the mirror, I immediately heard a voice spew out things that weren’t so pleasant. Sensing how my body reacted, I heard another voice say, wow, how quick you are to judge! I walked away, took a few deep breaths and visualized these thoughts as bubbles floating up to the surface and popping. Going back to standing in front of the full length mirror with my mind free of thoughts, I scanned this physical form I was in from head to toe. There was something so freeing recognizing this body just the way it was! Looking into these blue eyes, I sensed my being, my soul. Gratitude for this connection immediately rose up in my heart center. I repeated Katie’s beautiful words and saw a smile form on my reflection in the mirror. Sensing how my body responded to these beautiful words, this soul connection grew even stronger. Instead of having my thoughts run the show, this beautiful soul connection ran the show and the result was feeling a level of love and acceptance that I hadn’t felt before! When I get out of my mind and feel this soul connection, I am unstoppable because I know I am perfect just the way I am! I found this visualization technique to be extremely powerful! I highly recommend anyone who has been tough on themselves to give this visualization a try! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Just the way I am
Thank you for this beautiful reminder that I am perfect. My negative self-speak is often deafening. I will turn to this meditation when that voice overwhelming.
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