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Yoga Nidra for Sleep

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Meg Cox
Movement Expert & Imperfection Champion
Most of us have so much going on that falling into a deep sleep is difficult. This track helps you focus on your breath, unwind from an energetic day, and end on a positive note.
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2 reflections
This learning process has helped me tremendously and my brain is not working so hard to keep my heart pumping blood through my brain and I am getting better rem sleep which helps me feel refreshed.
I am loving this app which calms my spirit giving life to my brokenness and helping me learn new ways to find healing through better educated clinical therapists and meditation experts whom use non judgmental or traditional techniques as the new norm - The Arua App has shown me that our World has not abandoned us so much as has been the case of the United States of America. Thank you for your devotion to seeing your customers which you call your friends rather than treating those who place their health & well being in your loving care as anything less and giving your clients lives a more friendly experience filled productive well balanced goals that if it were attainable would be seeing society as a whole healed and all nations on Earth living in harmony peer to peer. Peace & Freedom Steve B.
Loud music
I felt relaxed while listening to this meditation, but felt the music could be a little softer.