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Winter Cabin Retreat

11 Min
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Victoria Yoga
Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Therapist
Relax deeply and enjoy some quiet time for yourself. Nestled in the magical winter woods, your very own warm and cozy cabin awaits.
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Cozy Cabin
I am walking through a winter wonderland. The moon is lighting the path through the woods as I walk towards a light I see ahead. The stillness of this winter landscape infuses a calming feeling throughout my mind and body. As I continue walking towards the light, I see a cabin ahead. When I enter the cabin, there is a big soft comfy chair right in front of the fire. I make myself a special cup of hot tea and sit by the fire. As I drink this special tea, it is filling up my spirit with the things I need. I need peace, energy, and resilience. Now, that all of my needs have been met I come back from this cozy retreat feeling stronger to power through another day.
Winter cabin
Lovely visualization. The crunch of the snow. The inviting cabin. So many happy thoughts running through my mind. It was part of my life for many years. 🤗 I miss it where I am now. Especially at this time of year. I don't miss shoveling lol! I really enjoyed this meditation. Pure joy to my soul.
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