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Why Being Just Ok Is More Than Ok

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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
Often we strive for ecstatic states and fall short. What if being OK and "just" OK was the bliss we seek after all?
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Being OK it’s more than just OK
I learned the value of being OK and how big OK it’s actually really good because I have a life coach that you have what you need and this is a great thing. On a personal level I didn’t read very goal driven and critical if things are not going exactly the way I want them so I can take this life and being OK with and just took K into my life and learn a lot from it hopefully I am grateful for it for the folks at our door at or who put this together. In thinking about the world we can all learn difficult time the babies OK give me just OK right now when you’re struggling. Reflecting on all of this has helped me to learn not to expect extreme happiness or sadness and being OK is fine it is also helps me learn to be more tender when asking how people are and to really care about what they are feeling if I think I get caught up in myself a lot. I need completely different note it was also cool to learn the style words to learn those Thai words and the Jordana lives in Thailand that’s really interesting. Once again I am grateful for the folks at Sara Adora for putting this together and I hope everyone is OK :-)
Being just ok is ok
It is such a lovely reminder that the societal messages we receive about constant striving and moving ‘up or out’ aren’t the only way to be... especially when we don’t want too....
Thank you for reminding me that OK is OK! Who would have known a word so simple, so overlooked, means so much to so many around the world. It’s OK just to be OK!
I’m okay
I learned that being okay is ok and it’s not bad it’s better then bad
I'm okay
I learned that being okay is solid. It means more than I thought. Nice.
One day at a time
I’m ok. I didn’t die Tomorrow I get to do it all again (This is some bull shit reflection minimum word count requirement.)
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