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Welcoming Difficult Emotions

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
We generally tend to push away uncomfortable or difficult emotions which might work in the short term, but over the long term can lead to resentment and anxiety. This meditation invites the listener to work with welcoming emotions, letting them be present, and use guided visualization to enter into a dialogue to better understand the emotion.
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5 reflections
Fav - powerful insight
This is my favorite meditation thus far. Personifying difficult emotion and asking at what it wants when it needs is powerful.
Conversation with my emotion
I learned more things about my latent anger as I go through this meditation as part of my morning playlist for a second time. It would seem I can go back into the session and meditation as I try to understand more about probably my most difficult emotion. One important aspect that session highlights is that it ends with gratitude. It’s not just for closure but also for further opening or continuation of this conversation. Can’t wait for tomorrow.
Inviting in difficult emotions
Interesting concept to invite in an emotion and find out what it wants and needs
not for those with ptsd
i don't think this is a safe meditation for folks working with ptsd
Difficult emotions
I've been off lately. Just sensing an uncomfortable feeling. Bothersome. Almost irritating. This exercise helped me a lot. To purposely bring forth a difficult emotion. Even hunt it down if needed, and be with it. This was guided and I'm so glad I went on the journey. It really helped me get to the root cause of the rut I'm in. At least I think so.
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