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Waterfall of Abundance Guided Meditation

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Neha Prabhakar
Mindfulness Expert and Therapist
If you relate to waterfalls, then imagining the waterfall of abundance all over you will help you attract money, wealth, and prosperity. This guided meditation allows you to imagine yourself in a beautiful valley with a waterfall. When listened to with I am affirmations to attract luck and money thrice a week, you will start to notice a positive shift in your belief system about money and also start to manifest it more and more through various ways.
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3 reflections
Abundance is more than wealth or money
This meditation focused too much on those things. But I am thankful for all the other ways my life is abundant—a house over my head, food to eat, a nice job, wonderful friends, a loving family, transport to get where I need to go, fairly good health, and money to pay my bills and do some fun things. Money is important, but it cannot be the focus of everything. Peace, wholeness, love, kindness—let us hope for THESE things in abundance.
St Lucia waterfall
I was on the island of St Lucia, where I felt my greatest mentor the Buffalo Soldier Bridge Builder reminding me that I have many little people coming up behind me that will need this Bridge that he trained me to build! I just will never stop trying to make him proud that all of his teachings will be passed along and his legacy never forgotten. It was sooo good seeing him there at our beautiful place. I’ll see you there again soon buddy. I love you Grumpy and miss you so very much!! Thank you for the punch to the head I really needed that!
Why MONEY???
I am not seeking meditation to help me get Money or Wealth and remove related blockages ! Hahahah
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