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Walking Meditation-Sense Doors

7 Min
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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This guided meditation invites you to drop your awareness into the feet and walk slowly and carefully, observing how the feet kiss the earth, one foot at a time. Notice how you can walk and also pay attention to what you can see, hear & feel in the physical body the sense doors wide open. I hope this practice supports you to be awake and present today as you rotate through the senses. Best wishes Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Opening to the Senses
I enjoy walking meditation and this moving meditation helps us to practice mindfulness whilst moving through space. This walking meditation encourages us to focus on touch through the feet and also to seeing and hearing. A way of opening to the senses whilst walking. I hope you can carve out 7 minutes to try this practice as a way of grounding to the earth and opening to what you can see and hear. May your practice enliven you today. Best wishes Lisa
Wonderful Way to Wake Up
I was unaware there were movement meditations on Aura and was delighted to find this one this morning. When going through the loss of my brother, not even my Meditation Coach could guide respite, nor could my years of yoga. It was Movement Meditation that helped me with the heart wrenching grief. Focused noticing more than breath but each turn and twist of muscle of this miraculous body structure. Nice meditation to start my day.