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Wake Up Feeling Grateful

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Brandon Epstein
Mental Fitness Trainer
This short guided meditation is the perfect way to start your day feeling grateful and optimistic about the day to come.
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I like this meditation because it hits the basics nicely. I like to go back and just be grateful for the food in my belly and the comfortable home I am so lucky to have! I’ll be saving this one as well.
Inviting in Goodness
One of the simplest, yet very profound ways to become happy is through the practice of gratitude. The practice of gratitude is all about shifting our perspective on what we already have rather than what we lack. In this short gratitude meditation, Brandon brings us back to the basics of life. In doing so, we become grateful for things in our life that are easily overlooked. Putting on my headphones, I brought my awareness to my breath. Slowly breathing in fresh air, pausing for a moment and then slowly releasing air on my exhale, tension began melting off my muscles. Listening to Brandon’s words, I began inviting in goodness. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for my breath. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for waking up to live another day. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for this body. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for the sleep I received last night. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for the clothes I have on to cover my body. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for the food in the refrigerator and pantry. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for my loved ones. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for the opportunities this day will bring to learn and grow. Sitting here in this moment, I am grateful for this amazing moment to pause, inviting in goodness. Inviting in goodness isn’t difficult, it’s just a matter of shifting our perspectives. In being appreciative for what we are given, we open the door for infinite possibilities to enter our life and thus, inviting in even more goodness into our lives. It’s that simple! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Use your breath to relax every muscle in your body- allow the tension to be released-feel the deep sensation of gratitude
I felt that it was a good quick one to use after a meditation to get going for the day. I find his voice just gets me going for the day!
Morning Gratitude
I learned that gratitude feels like an excited buzzing in my heart today. I noticed that a quick refocus of thought can increase my sense of motivation.
I noticed I haven’t been as thankful as I should be. Listening about being thankful. Thankful for the challenges that life brings
A new day
I felt calmed and centered by acknowledging my gratitude for so many things. Ready to take on whatever this day brings to me.
Reading about the wars and sicknesses are detrimental to my well being and relaxing and emphasizing the positives in my life are wiser and better for my well being
So Much Abundance
This session was a magical start to the day. I found my list to be so much longer than I thought. This helped me focus on all the amazing people, places, connections, and things in my life that I cherish and am so lucky to have.
Each day of life is a gift. With all the challenges of this life there is also much beauty hope and happiness too.
I know ; “what is BumbleBrie about t to say;
She usually has Coffee Meditation at this point”, but I have this meditation first. What a Groovy way to see “THIS is Life”!
Everyday is a NEW day
It’s easy to start your day bring grateful and happy…you just have to be mindful and set intention to “feel” what is already within you.
Wake Up Feeling Grateful
Great way to prime your mind to have a positive day! Wake up and begin really seeing all that you have
I learned that I can enjoy meditation. I was so grateful for the ability to breathe and it changed absolutely everything and the five minutes flew by and I was disappointed but it was over and I had only felt like a couple of minutes has gone by and my world had been erupted in bliss. That switching from one enjoyable task watching scandal to this task immediately provided the comfort I needed to not have pausing my day be uncomfortable and therefore let myself be vulnerable in a way that was perfectly serene and comfortable and OK. i immedialy switched from the audio of scandal on my computer to the adio on aura on my iPad. i learned aura has an interface that allows me to filter for voices and purposes and makes it easy to find what im looking for. I learned that this app has a playlist feature, which I have been dying to see in a meditation app, so so far, I am sold. Today, I am grateful that I can breathe through my nose because it allows me to have clarity of mind when I meditate.