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Tuning in & Being With

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Tuning in and feeling our changing emotions can offer us an opportunity to befriend and attend to our internal experience. This practice invites you to touch into what is here and name it, leaning into what is here to be known. Sometimes we can tune in and be with our internal world for a few moments and slowly sense how to come back into balance. Touching in for a few moments, being with, using touch, and then creating a bigger container, expanding out to seeing & hearing. I hope you can return to balance with this short guided meditation learning to pause regularly, knowing this changing flow of experience. Thank you for your ongoing practice. Best wishes Lisa
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Lisa Pollard
Naming Emotions
Each time that we practice mindfulness meditation we are learning to be with our inner world and tune into the body heart and mind. When we gently name our emotions with mental noting this can sometimes support us to relate to our experience with kindness and compassion. I hope you enjoy this new guided meditation as you learn to tune into and be with what is here to be known. Best wishes Lisa
Walter J
Besides my volume making it a little hard to hear all the words, this was a great session. Accepting how I am feeling as ok is a little foreign to me. Let me explain : I am usually a very upbeat positive guy but lately I have felt like work has put me in a foul mood & i am not dealing with all the negativity around me very good. I feel angry & get upset over every little negative thing. So I tend to fight this feeling. But this morning she is suggesting I can accept that I am feeling upset as ok. I do not want to stay this way, but it is ok to Feel the emotions of anger in the moment. I guess I am just uncomfortable that this feeling may take over & I will become my negative emotions... or they will at least create more negatives in the future ???
Walter J
Having a hard time accepting the negatives I am feeling currently, mostly due to a very stressful & negative work environment. Being an incurable optimist I do not handle the fact I should accept the negative feelings I am experiencing as being ok. I want to think they will pass & my better feelings will take over. But maybe only with a change in jobs?! That apparently is my lesson this morning I need to get out of that environment... 🤨
A little help tonight
I did an Aura session just to keep to my normal schedule. I feel better for having kept my scheduled appointment with Aura, despite my stressful day. My family, with my blessing, has ditched me this Halloween evening, all off to individual activities while I hide out here at home, alone. My daughter and wife have tomorrow off school/work, and I plan to enjoy the heck out of this rare weekday off! Try to accomplish some much needed tasks. Get a BADLY NEEDED haircut for myself. Do some tutorials with my new design computer and software...trying to relearn all the functions of HOW to use these tools!
I don’t need to be my negative feelings, I can let those go and lean into the positive attributes I’m known for.
Really helpful
Having just read most of an article about loss, and facing my parents’ increasing infirmities, this meditation helped me return to some solid ground. I have a feeling I will return to it many times.
First meditation
It’s been a while. Nice to reconnect in a short session. I appreciate the background music. I do feel calmer.
Inner World
Taking a pause to become intimate with what is to be known takes courage. As we get accustomed to pausing throughout the day, we get to know ourselves better. This befriending of ourselves allows us to be with the flow of every experience we encounter. In this meditation, we practice taking a pause to become intimate with what is to be known. Settling in an upright position, I brought awareness to my inner world by way of my breath. Placing one hand on my belly and the other on my chest, I noticed how the body expands on the inhale and constricts on the exhale. To get intimate with my feelings, I asked, what is to be known. Just being in these moments, I sensed calm, yet excitement brewing within. Without trying to change or fix these sensations, I opened my eyes and ears to include the sights and sounds of my environment. After seeing an array of shapes and colors while hearing a distant birdsong, I closed my eyes to tune back in with my inner world. Sensing the same ease and excitement as I did earlier, I thanked myself for taking this pause and holding this space. Pausing is a vulnerability act that requires our befriending. Befriending doesn’t mean we like what comes up. It means we accept what comes up. After all, only what we feel can we heal. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Be a Unit
I'm in a toxic relationship with a man who I've been trying to breakup with all year. He won't stop coming over, he stays for a week goes and works, comes back. He's a pompous little ball of negativity. I'm working diligently to be my best, I meditate daily, and other accountability exercises with likeminded people But he disrupts my routine, stays up late and gives me a hard time when I want to sleep at 11. I'm going to do it, I'm moving, and not telling him. Otherwise he gets violent & abusive, no one deserves that. It's going to be difficult, it will get better and so will I I'm at the place I'd rather be alone with myself then with a man that doesn't treat me with love & respect
Wonderfully simple
I really enjoy a quick and simple meditation. Not many annoying directives. Her voice is soothing.