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Tropical Breeze Breathing

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Andrea Wachter, LMFT
Psychotherapist and Author
Using the peaceful imagery of a tropical breeze, this guided meditation will help you relax your body and calm your mind.
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cold hearted orb that rules the night
breathe in deeply exhale steam, slowly like a dragon stars twinkle a distant rooster crows the coming of dawn mind still and focused a silkworm quietly at work goosebumps under satin it is so very good to be alive
I dunno’
I didn't get much out of this session. I tried working along with the narrative, but don't think I ever attained the breating pattern of a”tropical breese”. Really, I nearly dozed off. Didn't sleep very well last night, and have had a worrisom morning so far. I think I'll likely spend the day in bed, trying to get some extra sleep. When I'm sleeping, I have less active hours to worry over my problems.
Find my body’s tension and let it go
WOW! This meditation relaxed me so much, I actually fell asleep. (Embarrassing) 😴😴😴
Soothing Breath
Settling in my chair, I began to feel everywhere where I felt supported: my feet on the ground, my buttocks and legs on the cushion and my back on the back rest. Allowing my body to just be, I began to sink more into my chair. Allowing my breath to just be, I sensed how my body was breathing all on its own. Just being in these moments and observing my breath, a space was created around me. In this space, there is calm. There is peace. Going inward and sensing my inner body, I noticed sensations in a couple areas of my body. Without making a story out of these sensations, I began to envision a warm tropical breeze soothing these areas with each breath. With the warmth of this soothing breath into these areas, the sensations began to subside a little. With an awareness on the rest of my body, this soothing breath of warm tropical air began to flow all throughout, healing and warming all of the cells in this body of mine. After a few soothing breaths, I felt waves of warmth going from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Thank you for teaching me about this soothing tropical breeze breath. I will use it often. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Interesting meditation. Reminiscent of my times on a Pacific island where you experience crashing ocean waves, an avian chorus, and the beating of your heart. INTENSE YET QUIET To live out the rest of my days on an island, far, far away from “civilization” would be miraculous.
Morning meditation
I find it difficult to give myself even 7 min to myself I struggle with switching my brain to stay in the moment. When I did succeed in staying there I felt like I was dozing off to sleep. Internal struggle to just relax.
I felt calm
Relaxed and sleepy, ready for bed. I don’t really have anything else to say.
Very relaxing
This was a very relaxing meditation. It calmed my mind and I am ready to start my day
So relaxing!
I work with small children in home health who are disabled and each morning I’m with them, I use this app. I’ve noticed that it not only helps me, but helps them as well. We do a meditation each day, sometimes several times, and they have yet to fail us. We can all use a few minutes each day for peace and serenity, without having a religious affiliation. I love prayer, but these peaceful moments are so essential for all of us, regardless of age. That’s why I love this app.
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