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Thoughts & Feelings Part 4

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Following on from the previous talks, the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies is explored.  Learn to use this to benefit you rather than limit you.
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Thoughts and feelings
How you see yourself is how you will be. Choose to see yourself as happy and your life will be happy. Let’s all choose to live joyfully! There is truly so much more to be joyful of then to not, if you just believe and look for it.
Exam Revision Change of mindset
I learnt about a new way of thinking which really helped me apply that to my current exam rev struggle
Self fulfilling prophecy
I am happy to be reminded of how much my thoughts aren’t always true. And I am living out my reality through my perceptions and beliefs.. I think that our brain is like a television 📺 and out thoughts are like channels on directtv saatilitewith thousands of channels and the show the plays on the screen is determined by the channel you select with the remote. Silly metaphors are not my thing..🙃🙃
In one ear out the other :/ really need to understand how to love and respect myself
Daily thoughts
I learned to never take anything or anyone for granted. Learn from my triumphs and my tribulations.
Lesson for Today and Always
I learned to be mindful of what you say to yourself and others. You can create your reality by the words you speak...we are our own prophets and we harvest our destiny.
Core beliefs
Deep down on a subconscious level I have repressed beliefs that I may not make it in my life time.
Anxiety is the worst
It ruins your my life and out of my control I wish that I can’t end it all
I’m am what I say I am
Think and that’s what you are! What you say about you is what you believe.
I was reminded that I need to be gentle with myself and that it’s okay if I can’t do everything
I was meant for great things, yes, but I also have to care for my mind, body, and soul. I need to listen to my body and care for it when it is struggling. I don’t have to do everything on the list every day, but I do need to be sure that I’m loving myself and caring for my needs so I can continue go care for others.
I used to have a close friend, she ditched me for a group of other friends, I have friends that I like in three different groups but all of my friends don’t fit well together and I only fit with one of the three groups but I’m not happy and life’s getting worse
I’m not sure I learned anything since it’s only day one of Aura, but this helps me to understand that I do get lost in tearing myself down which triggers my anxiety (I’ve never been diagnosed but I’ve researched that I have symptoms associated with it) and this cycle continues with anything I do (eating, housework, social interactions, etc...). I know that I have a long way to go before I’m at a point we’re I acknowledge the source of this trend and start efforts to fix it.
Self fulfilling prophesies
I learned that perhaps in bringing MYSELF down with maybe not laziness, but just slacking or putting things off, and then being depressed when things don’t happen for me.
My After Thoughts! (1stTime)
I learned that I do have these setbacks embedded in my mind that are blind to the eye holding me back from reaching my full potential. I also learned that I need to let them go and achieve what I once believed I couldn’t!
I do feel like a failure at times.
I’d like to dig deeper into why I feel this way. I’m trying to keep everything together but I’m tired of struggling with everything. How can I get it together?
I feel like a failure.
I feel like I’m never going to be, successful or comfortable in my life. I’m 48 for goodness sake. When am I going to have some success?!?! Not talking about becoming a millionaire. Just being good at something and making and keeping a life for myself.
Your thoughts end up becoming your reality.
The boy who thought he was a mess he had trouble studying then failed then proved he was a mess.
I will be what I think I will be ...
Berating and belittling myself never helps. I need to acknowledge my uniqueness and continue seeking out my best path in the world. Namaste
Summer day one. A time to reconnect with myself and a perfect meditation to start that process. Feeling in tune, present and aware.
" If you judge a fish by the way it climbs a tree, it will live its hole life believing it's stupid "
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Believe in yourself. Keeping limiting ideas about what you can achieve will only hold you back. You can achieve magnificent results if you truly believe you can.
Stop affirming the self pity
If I believe what is said about me and act as such then I reaffirm that as truth to me. Notice these and change your thoughts.
Your vibe will attract your tribe
I used to say oh I love acting but I’m so bad at memorizing lines so I’ll never be one! But now I’m like ok this is my strategy in place for tackling these lines and I’m going to know them so well! And now I’m acting full time lol, self fulfilling prophecy works! Now I just gotta apply this to other areas of my life!
I realised that I have a set of beliefs limiting my progress in relationships, work, personal growth and recovery as well as romantic relationships. Relationships - I am not worthy of the other person’s time, patience and respect. I am worthless and meaningless to the other person and they do not care about me at all. Work - I am incapable of, and utterly unable to get a job. I am going to fuck it up once I get it and I will be pushed to suicide. Personal Growth - Recovery is meaningless because at the end of the day I will just be a slave to the system. Why not just die? I wish I could die of cancer or something. Romantic Relationships - There is no ducking way on earth I will ever be loved, respected and appreciated for who I am in my relationships. I do not have what it takes to find myself a decent partner in life.
Power for positive growth
I’ve always known our negative thoughts and words have the power to manifest real negativity in the world around us. I was brought up in a religious home, where I was taught the scripture “Life and death is in the power of the tongue,” but our focus was more on potential death than life. My words can also bring about goodness. I’m going to work on filling my days with positive thoughts and words. The negative ones will be crowded out over time.
I learnt that I could relate to this and how this effects me in my daily life
i am smart. i am beautiful. i am better then i or anyone else believes i am. no one can stop or bring me down. i am unstoppable.
Not very helpful
The advice was good but it just repeated the same message over and over instead of offering more insight. But it did change my outlook to a positive one.
Look to my struggles for insight
I am struggling with several different parts of my life right now. And when I think about them I realize that I have not made an honest effort to change them. I continue to do negative things that lead to negative expected outcomes that I accept as my life. But I could be really just be the change at the start. It starts today. It starts now.
I am not happy with my successes.
In order to be happy with myself and ancient myself, I have to be proud of myself. I have to take a moment and congratulate myself for doing well on a test or speaking up for myself or getting out of my box that has very tight borders that don’t allow me to do much.
I learned that I have some core beliefs that are keeping me from reaching my full potential. Today, I will journal what exactly those core beliefs are, and work on a plan to eliminate them and replace them with new ones.
I need to find out what is hindering me from reaching my full potential work on those things and remain positive throughout the process
Self Fulfilling Prophecies
I definitely have one insofar as just specting myself to always be anxious about shit so I am. It was also exciting to find out you can train your brain to have positive self fulfilling prophecies.
I learned that I can activate positivity in my life when I want to, and that my life is so much better with it. my default is depression, but I can learn a positive outlook. It takes making an ACTIVE DECISION and AWARENESS
self love
I feel a lot of insecurities and self doubt that I need to work with, and I have to be kind to myself. I've noticed that I put myself down a lot and that is reflecting in negativity.
Love yourself
Never put yourself in the second, always think about your own health first. It’s good to care about other people of course you should just never forget about yourself, your feelings and life
i learned that the thought of yourself is powerful. we need to think better about ourselves in order to be better.
self fulfilled prophecy
I realize that I do this, I pre decide I'm not good enough for the task, whether it's varsity or my relationships I deserve better and I need to get that into my head
self fulfilling prophecy
This particular session really spoke to me. The example of the kid taking the test made me realize I could easily be him. Maybe not in academia but in other areas of my life. The struggle is changing my mindset. It won't be easy but I'm sure going to try.
I am strong smart and beautiful and to always keep my thoughts positive because I know I can do anything
I notice sometimes
my internal dialogue is negative. with lent starting tomorrow. I know it will be challenging but I want to engage in 40 days of self talk that's positive
wow this is me
why is this AI litterally coming for me? Ok my self fulfilling prophecy is that I am meant to fail and that's what I was born for. I dont believe prophecies but I do believe in how everyday life affects a person. I have felt that even though I'm fighting and trying that I am being pushed to fail and pushing and working harder hasn't helped me so I sometimes I begin to believe that it's ok to fail, that it doesnt matter and that's what the world has sought out for me anyways. I guess a good wake up call is that I have to fight for myself no matter how much I pity me.
I felt
I feel as though this app has little to no new information to provide me with, however i will continue my search in hopes of finding a missing piece of information that may help me find peace in my life.
Self-fulfilling Prophecies
Following Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of Thoughts and Feelings, Cassandra puts everything together with her Life Coaching session on self-fulfilling prophecies. An example of this is a person that wakes up and immediately thinks that today is going to be a bad day. They begin to relish in negative thoughts and behave in ways that will ensure they have a bad day. At the end of the day, they proved to themselves that it was going to be a bad day and in essence, their prophecy was self-fulfilling. A way to identify if you have any self-limiting prophecies is to explore any area in your life where you may be struggling or you are not getting the results you desire, Cassandra adds. Chances are that you have limiting core beliefs about yourself in this area of your life. Once you identify these core beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies that you carry with you, you can begin to shift your core beliefs and gain a new self-fulfilling prophecy that works for you and not against you. I learned that you should always be kind to yourself. Encourage yourself. Look for the positive. And, always try your best in everything you do.
My Life
Very good talk. I grew up shy with little confidence. I have had a lot of success but home improvement is an area that I am still not confident about. I really need to work on this.
Self loathing
I am definitely the one who speaks poorly to myself. I am woman I am beautiful I am strong I am unique I am me and I love me!
I have learned that I am my own enemy and I need to change the way I look st myself to change my life
I want to change this desperately I am going to try to look at all these things .?