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Thoughts & Feelings Part 3

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Following on from part 1 & 2, this talk covers the role our beliefs play in our interpretation of events.
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Thoughts and feelings
How we interpret interactions with others is based on our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. We must all learn to see ourselves in a positive light so we can truly shine.
Thoughts and Feelings
I felt that when I feel good about myself, then I have confidence and become less depressed. Then, I wouldn’t be dragged down by depression as much. It’s amazing what a change in thought can have impact on my performance.
Thoughts and feelings
When I stop and take time to notice my thoughts and really pay attention to them I am able to better realize just how distorted they are
It really resonated that the way we feel on the inside literally shapes our perceptions of the world & even on how people view us. It’s important to be aligned so that positive experiences happen.
One of the times I went to counseling, the only
thing I came away with , was you don’t know what people are thinking. It is something to be remembered. Thanks For the reminder.
I am not proud of myself and I feel fat and out of shape so my self esteem has eroded
The truth doesn’t REALLY matter
Because what we choose to believe is a perception through our lenses which may not be the most positive. I’m feeling really combative. Someone help. I want to know WHY we want to fight? Am I trying to defend something important to me? Am I trying to seek answers by making sure I question everything? I feel like I’m really losing it here.
What we believe about ourselves is what we perceive that other people think about us. There is no real truth except for how we see ourselves, and that is what ultimately matters.
How we Interpret
I learned that we interpret things differently based on our beliefs. In my situation I can relate heavily because I’m very insecure about my body and I feel as if someone stares at me they see my insecurities.
different interpretations.
i learned that how one sees the world and experiences the world all depends on how one thinks of them-self.
Our deeply held beliefs, whether positive or negative, shape our interpretation of the world around us. What is most important, then, is that we create beliefs that are life-affirming and beneficial to our psyche. Our perception can thus be shifted. What does not matter is objective truth, as we cannot always know what this may be, but instead, how we think about ourselves.
I noticed today I had a hard time focusing because I felt like other things seemed overwhelming and I don’t really know how to stop that.
It is amazing to me how differently two people can interpret a particular situation. It points up how understanding.
Perceptions of Ourselves
Helpful reminder about how we ignore objective truth about ourselves and choose to believe our own distorted perceptions instead.
This is a great way to explain how one person may perceive a scenario while other people have different views about what happened.
i learned that i want to go to the beach and relax, the beach and water and sand the sand is white the water is blue and it’s warm and sunny and peaceful
Resentment/ Anger
I need to learn to let go of those things that have hurt me and move forward in my life. Those things no longer serve a purpose to me.
I learned that how I interpret and experience things is based on my beliefs about myself.
Focusing on my breathing when I’m stressed, brings calmness to my body.
I have never thought about how I think about myself can alter the situation. I need to learn to be confident in myself and realize that not everything is about me sometimes. Be confident in your own skin. Love yourself
Didn’t help
This mediation didn’t help i feel like in was supposed to empty my mind but it just fill it up and gave me more things to worry about
eye opener
I noticed that I really need to change the way I look at myself and I've got to live myself more... Work on my relationship with me... Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Day 5
You interpret yourself the way you think you are and that is what makes you. I shouldn’t be concerned with how others perceive me as long as I have a strong sense of myself. I want to become so confident in me and who I am so that other people’s opinions won’t budge me
I was reminded that reality is shaped by our internal environment. If we tend to that internal environment, we can find peace in reality.
I learned that everything is about perspective. Not everyone looks poorly on you or highly of you, but if you think one way or the other that effects your imagery. Think positive and get positive results.
Reality matters about what you think. You have to be positive to make reality better for you
Maybe moreso
Than personal feelings and insecurities, we should be concentrating on each person’s background and/or experiences. There are “truths” to our day-to-day life deeper than beliefs about ourselves. There is experience and reaction to color our understanding of the world around us. While we cannot possibly know what someone else believes, or has experienced in their life to color their interactions with the current reality, being open to different interpretations of a situation will make us better people, friends, coworkers, etc. Spent this Sunday morning dealing with a billing issue from Comcast, and had to face the fact that different representatives of the company have varying interpretations of the company’s policies, or even have their hands tied due to certain policies of the company, leaving me to shoulder the burden of “fixing” how I will interact with the company through this billing cycle and beyond. I’m not a bad person, and none of the representatives I’ve interacted with this morning are either, but I KNEW from interacting with consumer affairs groups on line for years that Comcast can be anything from difficult to impossible to deal with, yet made the decision to use them for services as the lesser of two evils anyway! Now, I know that I have to accept the issues I opted to take a chance on, and resolve them to the best of my abilities. Live and learn, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
the way that we see and interpret the world is based on our feelings.
i learned
our thoughts and feelings depends on how we value ourselves, self-esteem, secure/insecure, postive/negative, we just keep practicing, its also important to be aware so that when the time comes we can come up with a solution.
i felt
in the end it's all about how we see and percieve things. so it's all about our mind
It depends on who you are
It is true, we interpret and see our environment depending on our insecures, old experiences and just because of the way we look at every situation we are in. The key is to stay honest with ourselves, be pure and real and loving. I'm a very negative person, I'm afraid of getting hurt because of my past. I'd love to learn how to stay positive and objective and focused on the things that really matter.
inner dialog
my inner voice and dialog shapes what I think of myself and therefore becomes the filter by which I interpret the world around me.
How I feel
The way I am feeling about myself I feel relax & refresh & clean & laying in my bed I am really tired I can’t wait to sleep
Positive thoughts and actions leads to more positive outcomes. Almost any situation can grow from a healthy aspect to generate a healthier wellbeing
i understand the concept but not sure how this was going to help me feel less Stressed. I was hoping for something relaxing or more positive for this mornings session.
I am at a tipping point and need to change habits and be focus on my personal needs instead of pleasing other and accommodating their needs.
day one
maybe there's some things in my life that are over with. maybe I'm not good at some things that I used to be. maybe I need to stick to the new things I've been experiencing rather than the old. the only thing I'm missing out on is the time seeing my children grow up I don't need to have the same experience as I've already had a thousand times I know I'm still going to have to suffer but let's try and suffer a different way. I don't have to live like that anymore
Day 57
Perception. How I interpret my day, or anticipate the situation that is going to happen will affect how I feel. I have a tendency to put up a pseudo negative lenses on life.. sometimes.. other times I am so positive.. I am coming to understand that all events are neutral until I label it as good or bad. A funny thought that I may either exemplify or damper an experience by merely my thought alone.
Lenses of self.
She has a very good point in stating that the beliefs we have are shaped by our own perception. It makes you really think about the world around you and if it really is simply you shaping it. Loved the points here.
Thoughts & Feelings...
My interpretation is deeply rooted in who I currently am, which will affect my overall experience(s).
Walter J
Cassandra states this very well. I believe there are some absolute “Truths” that govern us all that are controlled by Universal Laws (such as gravity) And then we all have what we believe to be ‘truths’ base on our genetics, upbringing (aka childhood conditioning) and experiences (our beliefs). Getting to and changing these learned ‘truths’ is a tricky thing that can take much time, effort and repetition as we get older. That is why proper parenting and teaching youth the “Truths” from the start is of major importance to me. One of my beliefs is when we start to do this better and more often, the world will change in such a positive way it will be truly amazing! ❤️☮️🍀
Thought and feelings
What I noticed from listening to this is that from every situation we faced we learned a positivities and negativity depends on how much we’re believing in ourselves. I also feel like we’re interpreting ourselves and situations based on how much trust and confidence in ourselves.
Deeper Beliefs
Since we tend to interpret the world around us through our deeper beliefs about ourselves, which according to Cassandra are most often based upon our insecurities, if we can shift the way we view ourselves the way that we interpret the world around us will change accordingly. For instance, if we see ourselves as not good enough or not worthy, we will tend to see our place in the world through that lens. Thus, on a deep soul level we may believe that we aren’t good enough to attract that new client, land that much wanted job or even following our true passion. However, if we can refocus by adjusting the lens that we view our deeper self we can change the way we see the world around us to a more positive outcome. My interpretation, if our deeper beliefs of self are negative, we will always find ourselves experiencing lack of some sort: lack of compassion, lack of gratitude, lack of understanding, lack of financial wellbeing. By changing our internal lens we have the ability to change our world.
Following Part 1 and Part 2 of Thoughts and Feelings, Cassandra dives deeper into our beliefs about ourselves and how it will affect our perception to what is happening around us. Depending on our deeper beliefs and the insecurities we have about ourselves, we will interpret the world around us differently. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. What matters is what we believe. Thus, it is important to be mindful of our own interpretations as well as identifying and if need be, create a change in shifting our deeper beliefs that we hold about ourselves. If we do that, we can change our realities of our world.
You can have an experience or situation and, different people will react or respond. The difference: Mindset. To determine mindset ask the question “Where do I come from?” My background. My Family. My Culture. My Society. Who we are, and how we react to different stimuli is based upon our beliefs and prejudices. Is our environment filled with fear and hate…toxic people and toxic relationships? Or do I create my own, personal world. A world of friendship, love and peace. Where we are intimate; yes, intimate with Life itself. Once again, it is choices. Which will you choose: Your Choice? Or your society’s choice. It (your life) is up to you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Truly insightful
I just keep listening Theresa sessions again and again. So much wisdom for daily life.
This made me want to look at why I make certain decisions, why I view my life the way I do.
Where is your Heart?
This “meditation” is so simple it can be explained in a single word: PERSPECTIVE Everything is interpreted according to the individual life experiences of each person’s life.
I hate life
I learned that I have to keep going even when it hit Gets rough
I learned that I need intense passion in a relationship. I realised I am deeply traumatised by events in my relationship, and those emotions are not me.
Looking inside
This session opened my eyes to a deeper meaning of perspective, mindset, and how we as a whole, let the actions of others influence how we life our lives. This one has me re evaluating the way I react to specific situations. Is over reacting or dwelling on something I have no power over really worth it? Does it mean enough to me that I’m willing to change or adjust my personal outlook?
Defining my life
During three minutes of Cass’s session, my mind raced through my past life journey. Many of the decisions and paths walked on were determined by self beliefs, many of which reflected negative or unwarranted self perceptions. I’m glad and thankful that my life turned still good and that I can still transform my core self beliefs at this stage.