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Thoughts & Feelings

7 Min
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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This guided meditation will support you to lean in and be with thoughts and feelings inside your body. Invite the body and breath to be your home base as you expand out to thoughts and feelings. Notice how it feels to open up your awareness to include your experiences as they arise and pass away. We meditate to get to know our hearts and minds. I hope this practice supports you today. Best wishes, Lisa Polard
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Lisa Pollard
Recognising & Allowing
We meditate to get to know the heart & mind, each time we practice it's an invitation to notice what is here. This 7 minute guided meditation explores gently naming thoughts & feelings and learning to touch into where strong emotions might manifest as physical sensations in the body. I encourage you to try this practice regularly as way of recognising what is here and allowing it to be as it is. Fear or love, ease or agitation, thank you for meditating today. Best wishes Lisa
Thoughts and Feelings
I found this meditation to be very calming and serene. I especially loved one of the opening thoughts about meditating to get to know our hearts and minds.
Lisa Pollard
Leaning into Thoughts & Feelings
A wonderful practice to get to know what is here particularly as we come to the end of 2019. I hope this practice supports you today as we practice together. May 2020 support you into well being. Love & Blessings Lisa