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There Is No Such Thing as FOMO

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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
Shift your mind, practice this, you'll never experience FOMO again.
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No FOMO for me!
I’m guilty of FOMO, especially this year with the isolation of COVID. This coaching lesson hit home with me! I am worthy of my own introspection & acceptance & joy. Let others who I might miss seek me out to fulfill their destiny ☺️
I had this FOMO that I had to read lots of news to stay on top of it so I am always aware of what was going on. I let that habit go and it has been life changing to me. I came to find out that lot of news I was reading was complete junk that I didn’t need to know.
Please record more sessions. You asked if we wanted more, and perhaps many others who did not answer. Thank you!
Movie of our Life
One unintended consequence of the digital age drives us to be a victim to not knowing what we want for us. This is the fear of missing out, or FOMO. Essentially, FOMO can be defined as keeping up with what others are doing and then doing what they are doing because we fear that if we don’t, their life will be more rich with rewards than ours. Because we have this incredible desire to ‘fit in’, we unknowingly give away our power. Because FOMO has the ability to create great suffering, Jordana explains why this is a completely unnecessary state to put ourselves in. As Jordana points out, there is no one quite like us in the entire world. Exciting, right? Our mission in life is to learn as much about ourself as possible through self-inquiry, self-discovery and experiences. Learning to understand and love ourself, we watch our life as a movie where we are the star as well as the director. As the star, we won’t miss out on anything because we are a part of the movie. As the director, we get to choose when we want to add or delete characters and switch up the storyline by perceiving something differently. Being in our own unique movie, we can actually have fun getting to know everything there is to know about ourself. Essentially, we are in the driver’s seat of our own life. Exciting, right? Excited about watching our own movie, we don’t worry about what others are doing or not doing. Excited about watching our own movie, we aren’t so concerned if we ‘fit in’ societal norms or expectations. Excited about watching our own movie, we will be a magnet for others to congregate to. So, there really is no need for FOMO after all. As Jordana points out, we are always at the party when we are with ourself. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
FOMO fear of missing out
State of suffering that’s unnecessary and if the right things are implemented I canfinally feel fulfilled
Yes, FOMO isn’t real! What am I really missing out on? FOMO unfortunately causes rifts in relationships, and the fact that it’s not real means I can destroy this monster that has actually been destroying my life in recent years—and my wallet
Okay....... Fear of missing out. Next please. I don't have it.
The party
The party is in discovering more about ourselves and our worlds! When we are doing that we are never missing out.
Very inspiring!
Explaining how FOMO can directly affect us, and how unnecessary it is in our lives to fall victim to it was a liberating experience.
Such a great way to look at this! I’ll be replaying this in my mind all day!
Meditation 1 - FOMO
It is ok to be alone and to take this time to find out who I am, which is an exciting experience
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