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The Seed of Meditation

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This short guided mindfulness meditation invites the attention to rest at the end of the out-breath, when there is a quiet pause or gap, often called the seed of meditation. This is when the physical body becomes still, just for a moment before the next in-breath enters the body. Try resting in this quiet place and discover the joys of meditation as your practice invites you into stillness and quiet. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to meditation and the exploration of these mind-body practices. May you find ease and peace within the experience of your practice today. Best wishes Lisa
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I have suffered from severe anhefdonia for most of my life. It took a long time but I found medication that really helps.. Now this feels good, it’s like I go somewhere inside me and it’s nice and peaceful. I was never like before my medicine that before and I know how hard I try if you’re reading This, you should not be a shame if you need medicine to take away pain I was in severe pain for 20 years before I finally found the right thing. Now when I meditate and feels like I go places inside me and outside and I feel relaxed and warm fuzzy, that was impossible without with my medication.
Lisa Pollard
Resting in the spaces in between
I really enjoy resting In the spaces between the breath, that quiet moment just before the next in breath comes into the body. This is known as the seed of meditation. I invite you to try this guided meditation to rest in those quiet moments in your practice. Dropping deeper into awareness. Thank you for your ongoing practice and befriending yourself in this way. Best wishes Lisa
Moment between breaths
There is a focus between the breaths. The pause is a good place to focus on.
Thinking too much
I noticed being concerned about the length of pauses which indicates I need more work/assistants with quieting my mind and meditation.
The seed of meditation
It was good to quiet my mind. I felt my head slowly drop as I got more relaxed.
Not stressing it
I couldn’t get there, to that quit place at the end of each out breath, but that’s normal for me. This type of breathing meditation has never worked for me so I’m not stressing it. My mind went back to the issue I’d just left behind so l’ll try another meditation, simple solution. I don’t give up easy😏
The Seed of Meditation
I have been reading about the pause between breaths. I don't do it often and I loved this peaceful introduction
Walter J
Bringing awareness to the pause between exhaling & inhaling was rather easy for me. I typically overlook this moment in time but was able to really focus on it and it seemed to expand into a quiet room like a foyer that you pass thru before entering the rest of the house. I felt very relaxed but still aware. ❤️☮️🍀
Taking a Moment
I tried a similar meditation some months ago and struggled with the pause. It felt very awkward, throwing off the natural rhythm of my breathing. However, I found this meditation and the pausing at the end of the exhale to be very relaxing. Thank you Lisa! 🙏
Just taking a few moments out of my day to breathe and practice my meditation has made such a positive difference in my life
Quiet Moments
Every time we breathe, there is a pause at the end of each inhale and exhale that we can tune into. In this particular meditation, we focus on the seed of meditation, or rather the pause at the end of our exhale. Sitting in an upright position, I went inward and focused on my breath. After a short time of riding the gentle waves of my breath, I began tuning into the seed of meditation. What happened next was from my own imagination. In those quiet moments of each pause, I began planting seeds by mentally saying a positive word to myself. As my body began another cycle of breath, I envisioned breathing in all the amazing qualities of that particular word. Focusing on the seed of meditation gave me quiet moments of clarity. Breathing in positive words fueled me with goodness. I intend to make today a great day! Namaste, my friends! 🙏🏻❤️☮️