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The Sacred Pause

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
The Sacred Pause is a shared story to support us to learn to stop and be with our emotions and choices, taking the time to listen deeply to your good heart. This story is to support parenting and learning how to navigate those moments when we feel like we might get pulled into the fight. A moment to be with your feelings and make a sacred pause to inform your responses. Thank you for listening and practicing with me today. Best wishes, Lisa
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2 reflections
Align with basketball
The difference between snapping against someone and surfing on the sacred pause reminds of the difference between receiving in baseball and in basketball: in baseball one answer to a potent shot by hitting back as hardly and as quickly as possible. In basketball when receiving a potent shot, one can catch the ball, pause for a second, bounce it once or twice, and then pass it back with a different speed.
Pause before responding
Take a moment to respond rather than react. How important is it that I involve myself in this situation. Is what I have to say: TRUE/ NECESSARY/KIND? Proceed from this place and you will have better results.