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The Grass Is Green Where You Water It

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This talk focuses on how to increase a sense of confidence and self esteem by examining what thoughts/beliefs are you watering?
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11 reflections
Absolutely correct observation
I AM my own worst critic! I’ve lost all confidence in myself and my abilities. I KNOW I can do a lot to help others while being creative. But I’m VERY down on myself and my abilities/capacities/capabilities since I had my stroke, lost my job, lost my career. Most days are just a struggle to survive now, feed my family, look after my own health.
Speaking kindly to myself
This is something that is hard to do but is much needed, especially in today’s world. Thanks for this great reminder to be kind to yourself.
Oh that’s so important
Why are we so critical about ourselves? Why can’t we just love ourselves? Why do we have hate and anger towards ourselves? #Let’s stop the hate!
I feel
This made me realize how many times I say negative things about myself. I always say I’m fat or I’m ugly. Now I know that that mindset isn’t okay and everyone is different. Whenever I’m feeling sad, just say something nice about yourself.
Self talk
I do tend to put myself down when I mess up. And it’s right. Even if you don’t believe it yet keep saying it. You’ll believe it soon enough.
Day 15
I tend to always throw the most negative, unkind thoughts at myself. I will practice thsi
I noticed I’m very hard on myself, and that plays a huge role in my anxiety.
Baby steps are so important to bettering yourself. Whether it’s a small or big step, as long as your moving forward.
Cyndee 🌊
This was a very uplifting message that the instructor gives, when you’re feeling discouraged, uncomfortable or unhappy you can always find something about yourself that you like. #focus #minset #selfcare 🙏🌻🙏
I learned one small step at a time
Like Jordan sparks used to say, one step at a time!🎼 My self confidence has always been lacking I now understand just how detrimental this negative habit of mine has been to my life. I know the importance of learning to love my self, but I also know the challenge I will face learning to walk this road alone. Because I’ve always depended on others to make me feel good about myself and that isn’t fair to them or I. Ready for this empowering change I’ve decided to make. 🙌🏼❤️🌼
One positive thought
I learned that just having one positive thought about yourself each day can boost your morale and self esteem. Isn’t it a pity that most of us spend our lives beating ourselves up and then wonder why we feel so sad and depressed?
One year later
I had a feeling I had listened to this teaching from Cassandra previously, and sure enough, I had. Interestingly, my greatest Aura friend Kathy, and Aura Tribe brother Walter we’re just sharing things in this very vein! While things are closer to being better than ever since my stroke and long hospitalization, personally, I’m still quite down on myself constantly. I definitely need to start giving myself a break day-to-day. It’s time for me to start treating me *much* better than I do! My tendency to be negative is still very much a part of my life daily. Perhaps when I start seriously working again I’ll feel better about my self-worth? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯