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The Energy You Need

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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
Take in the energy you need and release all that you don't need. This is an energy-refresher meditation - like putting your energy in the wash and experiencing your colors come out brighter than brand new.
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9 reflections
Becoming one with my breath, I noticed the mind and body begin to slow down. Witnessing this breath going in and out of my belly brought ripples of calm throughout my entire being and in doing so, I was here now. It didn’t matter what I had planned for the day. I was here now. Embodying this beautiful presence, I noticed some stale energy swirling around that has been bogging me down. On my exhale, I blew this energy of judgment out and began to see all these words floating around me. Lighter in my heart, I began to breathe in the energy I wanted. As I did so, my body filled with understanding, love and acceptance. Experiencing a cleansing of sorts with a heart much more expansive than it had been prior, my channel is free and clear to be a beacon of love for myself and others. Thinking of someone or something I am grateful for, my meditation and qigong practices came to my mind. Because of these precious gifts in my life, I am able to cleanse myself on a daily basis. In doing so, I can be a clear channel for love, positivity and goodness in the world. Thank you for this amazing cleansing meditation, Jordana! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Excellent meditation to get rid of all energy that is not serving you in Becoming your best you! Took me a few moments to get into the rhythm of breathing strength in & weakness out, of fresh in & stale out and finally settling on love in & judgement out... repeating this last one I notice my Breathing getting deeper and more forceful as I naturally wanted more love in me to fuel my love light and less judgement so I can shine it forth on more people. Great way to start the day!! Shining love 💚🍀💚
Self Love
Excellent session to show yourself some love by taking care of your well-being with releasing any negative feelings that no longer serve you. What feelings do I want to release today? I want to release anger, resentment, and anxiety. I take a deep inhale in...pause at the top. And, as I exhale slowly and deeply I repeat silently...”I am releasing anger, resentment, and anxiety from my mind and body.” On my exhale, I visualize these words leaving my mind and body as a cloud of smoke evaporating into the air. My mind and body feel lighter. Now, that I have cleared out those negative emotions, I am ready to receive the energy I need for today. As I breathe in love and compassion, I feel myself smiling and my heart opening up ready to receive as well as spread these feelings out into the world. Placing both hands over my heart while continuing to breathe in these feelings, I continue to feel my heart grow stronger with love and compassion for all of life along with my inner light shining bright. I am ready to begin my day in my natural state as a being of love. May you find a few moments in your day to take care of your well-being by showing up for yourself. Peace, love, and blessings to all of you!☮️ 💕 🙏
I am enough, I release negative energy, I breath in positive energy.
The energy you need. This is a great session in this series. Getting the energy flowing again in a gentle way. Great guidance!
Energy I need vs energy I don’t need that doesn’t serve any purpose for me anymore. Separate thoughts and energy.
Cultivating Energy
I feel refreshed and awake. I let go of stress, anxiety, self-consciousness, and negativity. I cultivated the energies of love, patience, kindness, gratitude, and confidence.
I am still feeling very tired from the stressful week my family has gone through, but I know in my heart, I will find peace & loving energy to my practice. ❤️
Friday Morning Thoughts
I'm a different person when I begin with a meditation and set my intentions for the day. These two actions make a big difference for me and I'm only two weeks into this process. I feel more mindful and aware of my actions. I'm learning to redirect my negative thoughts. I'm looking forward to continuing my growth as a spiritual being in the here and now.
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