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Taking Time for Peace

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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
Move from the content of your mind into the context of your life. This meditation gives the opportunity for creating the space needed for appreciation, focus and what you truly, deeply want for yourself. Great as a daily ritual practice.
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Walter J
Unique session on making space for yourself to grow into. Focusing on the context of what I want to have in my life instead of what I want to do or be... Somewhat difficult to completely wrap your head around, but seems like the right place to anchor your thoughts in order to pull you into the future you want. Example - if I was stuck in quicksand it is useless to struggle or work harder to try and free myself. Instead, if I had a rope and could secure one end safely onto something outside of the quicksand- I could pull my way toward it and get myself free. So if we are feeling stuck in life, stop struggling & trying to work harder. Instead throw your mental rope out & anchor it onto what you want to have in your life and and allow your desire for that life to pull you towards it. It kind of comes back to Be - Do - Have. We think we have to Become something before we can Do something in order to Have something. But instead of wasting all our time on trying to Do something or Become something spend some time making room for Having the life we want and allow that vision to pull us to it! Definitely deserves some deep thinking and another listening... ❤️👍🏼🍀
Taking time for Peace
Awesome meditation from a different perspective. Looking at yourself from above. Doing things differently is nice for a change.
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