There is a difference between taking action and taking intentional action. Aligned with our deepest aspirations, taking intentional action becomes easy and full of momentum. In this beautiful meditation, we envision an action we want to take and then link our deepest aspirations to it. One of my deepest aspirations is to help others find themselves through the practices of mindfulness. To do this, I must surrender the self that wants to keep me wrapped up in smallness for this greater power within me: Being. The action I am going to take is creating an introduction to mindfulness course. Envisioning myself doing this action while aligned with my higher self, images began to form in my mind. As I sat on a bench engaged with this vision, a big gush of wind gathered around me. It was an incredible moment! It seemed as if the universe was solidifying this action with my aspiration and my future self. I am grateful for this experience! Thank you, Katie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️