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Supporting the Eyes

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
A short guided practice using touch and warmth to soothe the eyes which can become tired from too much screen time, reading and just being tired or stressed. Learn to pause take a breath and use your hands to support well being. I hope your practice grows each day. Best wishes Lisa
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Lisa Pollard
Supporting the Eyes
During this time of social distancing and being at home you may be staring at screens a little too much and straining the eyes. You might enjoy this new guided practice to support the eyes. Thanks for meditating with me. Best wishes Lisa
Cupping the Eyes
During these ‘interesting’ times, we may have found ourselves being online much more than usual. Personally, I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of activities that has required me to be looking at a screen much more often than I usually do as I have been working on my mindfulness awareness courses, participating in numerous mindfulness forums and Zoom calls. However, as we may already know, being online for extended times can have adverse effects on our eyes. In this meditation, Lisa shows us a way we can soothe our eyes and thus, give our eyes a much needed break. Rubbing my palms together, I was immediately taken out of the thoughts in my mind and in the present moment by feeling the warmth of the friction created. With my eyes closed, I began to cup my hands over my eyes where my palms were on my cheeks, my thumbs were on my temples and my fingers gently rested on my forehead. With my hands cupped over my eyes, I felt the tingling sensations in my hands. As these tingling sensations transferred to my temples, my forehead and my cheeks, it felt like I was giving myself a mini massage for my face. Afterwards, I opened my eyes and looked around in my surroundings. Not only were my eyes refreshed, I had a newfound sense of appreciation to be able to see. Sight is sure a beautiful sense to have! And, by simply rubbing my hands together, I have found a new way to remind myself of being in the present moment when my mind may wander! I truly loved this activity! I will remember to do it often as I continue to embark on bettering myself during these ‘interesting’ times. Thank you, Lisa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
You’ve seen too much
Our eyes are the key to our soul, to the world, to our emotions. We forget how tiring it can be... a streaming movie on what is going on around us. Oh, how we take advantage of this sense of sight. We see so much — negativity, hate, love, passion — and each night, as we lay our head to rest, it is not just our mind that needs to take a break, it is our eyes. For even when our eyes are closed, we can still see light peaking through. When we cup them, it is like a warm embrace saying, “Rest now. You’ve seen too much.” And even when we blink, we instinctively open them again, so as to not miss a beat. How interesting is it that the only way to close our eyes for an extended period is to remind ourselves that they, too, need solace. And when we wake up, our eyes are ready to do it all over again.
Lisa, magical! Needed eye comfort, found comfort and warmth here! Will use often, may spark some creativity! Thanks.
I love this
I didn't know I needed this kind of meditation and I enjoyed having this awareness.
Supporting the Eyes
This is a very useful practice, especially since I spend so much of my time on the computer. It is also surprisingly relaxing for such a simple exercise.