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Straw Breathing to Calm the Mind

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
A guided short breathing practice to lengthen the out breath and calm the mind. We often breathe faster when our mind is racing, so learning to invite a slow long smooth out breath has a soothing effect on the mind. I hope you can practice some breathing today as the breath is the bridge between the body & the mind. Best wishes Lisa
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Straw breathing
I learned this technique :))) It was great and made clearer my mind much more than I expected it to... I will definitely keep it in mind to try when I’m overthinking
Lisa Pollard
Straw Breathing to calm the mind
A new breathing practice to support you into ease during this time of uncertainty. I hope you can practice this a few times each day. Best wishes Lisa
Straw Breathing
Another great breathing practice. It never ceases to amaze how something as simple and easy as controlling our breath can do so much to reduce stress and anxiety. Namaste.
Preeti kafle
I never had done meditation since I used to get distracted but today by listening this I feel different. Thank you
Lisa, wonderful! More clarity! Some light-headedness, some euphoria! Straw breath to mind calm! Thanks.
Straw Breathing
I learnt that I can use this technique to relieve tension in my body. I have used this breathing technique as a practical singing exercise but I have never thought to use it to reduce stress. Seeing as it’s something I’ve practised a lot before, I think it will be a good thing to implement into my day-to-day life to help me keep my stress levels down!
Straw Breathing
A helpful tool you don’t need an actual straw for! I’ve seen all those breathing gadgets and would love to try one but this is completely free and always with me. I enjoyed taking long out breathes and trying to make them longer each time. I was also surprised by how long her out breathes were and tried to slow mine down more in the beginning to extend them. My chest felt lighter afterwards.
Straw breathing
This method is very helpful when stressed. After doing draw breathing three times I almost completely forgot about all the things I was worried about seconds before starting this practice. I’ve never felt so calm! 😴
I felt
I felt I haven’t been taking care of my mind until it exploded with bad thoughts.
It felt good to concentrate on just breathing to quiet the mind. Nothing fancy - just a few minutes to chill.
Calming the Mind
Today’s meditation session taught us how to use our own breath to help keep ourselves and our minds relaxed. Everybody’s worst enemy is our own minds because our minds control us all. It depends on the day; one day we can have a good day with good thoughts but next day we can have a bad day with bed thoughts. Meditation helps keep your mind and the thoughts you have at bay