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Stop, Sense & See

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
We often get caught up in the fast pace of life and forget to take some time to Stop, Sense & See. This short guided practice is an invitation to remember that we can choose to stop and sense into our physical sensations within the body and notice what is here. Are the sensations pleasant, neutral or unpleasant? Learning to be with these different physical sensations is a wonderful way to be awake and alive in each new passing moment. We can open to our awareness and include what we can see in our visual field as a way of tuning into the freshness & beauty around us. I hope you enjoy your ongoing practice and it can anchor you back to the present moment again and again.
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Observing into you
I learned that observing what's inside, sometimes, might be better that observing what's outside our bodies. Or trying to reflect what we see in reality into our inner world. I learned that doing a check up of your body can help calm down any anxiety or insecurity that you might have and that it really is much easier than what you could think. We have to be aware of ourselves in order to be aware of the world around us :)
Day one
My mind warned a few times. Lexi was in the room making noise.
Stop, Sense & See
I need to prioritize my activities and set limits. Determine what is essential and limit my activities per day so there periods of rest scheduled into the day.
Stop, sense, see
I learned that I can stop, and sense and see all that is around me at any time. New things will catch my eye. I sense things that others have brought to my attention, that I have not really seen before — the colors are brighter than before just because I concentrate on one thing at a time.
I leaned that... stop sense and see
I can stop sense and see what is around me! The beautiful life I live is so meaningful. VISION
Stop, sense, and see
I realized that this session can especially helpful for artists like myself. I can choose to direct my focus on any part of the scene or composition.
Stop, sense and see
Nice short practice to remind each day to really stop, sense and see the world around us. Reminding us to live in the present.
Stop, Sense, & See
During the hectic parts of the day, we can turn away from auto-pilot and use what we feel and see as a way of returning to the moment.
Stop, sense and see
Lovely break from the non-stop bustle of work. Remember to just be.
Being present
Noticing things, appreciating things brings clarity, gratitude and as a result, joy.
I learned that... really need to take the take to feel the sensations that are close and within you, as well as your surroundings.