Increasing Prana
Practicing yoga incorporates our body and mind by giving us some time to drop into our body and feel every movement. In this standing yoga session, Lisa has us do a variety of different moves, giving us the opportunity to release tension in our body and mind. Taking off my socks and shoes, I felt my feet on the grass in my backyard. Rocking from heel to toe as well as side to side, my awareness dropped to feeling these wonderful sensations in my feet. After feeling grounded in the Earth, it was time to center my body. Following Lisa’s guidance, I performed a variety of different movements with my arms and legs designed to give slight stretches to my spine. After each movement, I paused breathed where I stood for a short time and brought awareness to the tingling and pulsating sensations occurring in my body. Feeling the fresh prana flow through my body and mind, the tension I felt prior seemed to just melt away. I am grounded and centered, ready for whatever comes my way today. Because this standing yoga session increases prana into our body, it is great to do either in the morning, the afternoon, or both. With Lisa’s excellent guidance, each movement is easy to follow. Try it and find out for yourself! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️