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Standing Mountain

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Standing mountain is a short guided mindfulness practice where the body becomes the object of meditation. The invitation is to take the shoes off, so the toes can move easily. Learning to reside in the body supports us to be here now, as we can feel the physical sensations of the feet grounded firmly on the earth. Finding a neutral position for the pelvis, so the spine can naturally extend out of this region. I hope this practice can support you to open to the present moment each day. Thank you for your ongoing practice and your intention to wake up gently to the body, heart & mind.
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6 reflections
A Daily Delight
Each of these is such a daily delight. I particularly enjoyed this one as it helped me awaken and prepare for the day mentally and physically
Standing meditation.
I learned that I can meditate standing. 😜 I learned that I enjoy connecting my body to the world around me.😊
Connecting to Earth
This standing meditation which I think next time I will try outside to fully connect with the earth. I started my day with this one. My body feels awake. I feel grounded.
Standing Mountain
I have been teaching mountain pose in my classes this week. I loved the added flow up through the spine to the heavens with the in breath and gounded into the earth with the out breath.
Strike a Pose
In this meditation, Lisa has us get into a pose to feel grounded, strong and a sense of awareness. At the beginning of this meditation, I walked barefoot into the backyard and planted my feet firmly in the grass. Following Lisa’s directions, I put my body in the standing mountain pose. Initially, I became slightly uncomfortable being in this pose probably due to my back injury. But, I stayed with it and began to focus on Lisa’s words and my breath. Being in this standing mountain pose, I could feel my weight distribute from my pelvis, down my legs and into my feet. Feeling the Earth below my feet made me feel incredibly grounded. Stretching my vertebrae in my spine, with my head held high, while bringing awareness to my breath, I felt an incredible amount of strength. By the end of this meditation, I felt an amazing sense of aliveness! I am grateful that I listened and learned a new pose to feel grounded and strong! Thank you, Lisa! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Standing Mountain
We as humans have something called emotions and sometimes those negative emotions can get in the way of your happiness and I would know because I went through a dark path years ago due having to deal with so many life events at once. I got so overwhelmed that I became a very negative, very awful person to be around. Compared to the person I was then I’m happier, calmer, and all around a very positive person. My positivity is like a standing mountain strong and peaceful