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Stability & Balance

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Stability & Balance is a short guided yoga practice, an invitation to move with the breath and feel into the feet & legs. As we age our balance decreases particularly after the age of 45, so it's important to look after our feet & ankles to support stability. When there is agitation or anxiety in the body the attention can sometimes reside in the upper part of the body, particularly around the shoulders and head. So this practice invites the attention down into the lower parts of the body. I hope this short movement practice supports you to connect to the stability of the earth beneath you. Thank you for your ongoing practice and moving towards health & balance every day.
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7 reflections
It is important to maintain your balance and it helps you feel peaceful
Balance - First Meditation
It's all about focusing, taking time out to see yourself as the centrepiece in your physical and emotional environment.
Being aware
I learned that even though we are in our bodies doing daily tasks, we are not truly aware of how our movements feel and affect us. This is something I need to practice.
I miss my yoga class
Good small practice on balance and mind connectedness. I miss my yoga classes
I learned that i can return to my safe place whenever the world is too much for me
In Return To Centre with Lisa Pollard
This recording was tremendously useful for me to find physical balance and work on pain management through gentle movement. I recommend this recording for pain management.
Stable and Balanced
We begin to lose our balance as we age. Therefore, it is vital that we choose to do exercises that help to counteract that. In this movement meditation, Lisa has us do some exercises with our feet and ankles. Standing with a soft downward gaze, I brought awareness to my breath. Listening to Lisa’s guidance, I picked up my heels off the ground on my in breath and stood on my toes as I breathed out. After a few times of doing this exercise, I stood tall, aware of my body breathing. Next, I put my weight on my heels while raising the balls of my feet into the air. While the balls of my feet were in the air, I spread my toes out. As with the last exercise, I married my breath to the movements of my feet. After a few rounds of this exercise, I stood tall, aware of my body breathing. Moving on, I raised my heels into the air, alternating from foot to foot. After a few times of doing this exercise, I stood tall, aware of my body breathing. Stable and balanced, I noticed tingling sensations in my feet. Stable and balanced, I feel connected to the earth below. Thank you, Lisa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️