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Sounds & Thoughts

7 Min
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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This guided meditation supports you to open to sounds & thoughts, noticing how the sounds and thoughts can arise and dissolve in your field of awareness. Noticing how sounds can have a beginning, middle & end, and a quiet pause in between. Sometimes we can notice spaces in between thoughts and sounds. Enjoy your practice and I hope it supports you to drop into presence. Best wishes Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Noting Thoughts & Sounds
I encourage you to try this 7 minute practice as a way of being aware of thoughts and sounds. I hope you can note gently as you become aware of the sounds and thoughts in your awareness. . I hope your practice continues to support you, especially within the festive season today with family, friends and loved ones. Best wishes Lisa
All the stress just dissolved throughout the whole exercise. Little by little as I went through it......ommmmmmm.
I feel like I am out of touch with myself...this made me see how far into my head I am living. It brings me so much unhappiness.
Katy Jo
Especially with the bell ringing, I noticed myself anticipating the next moment—waiting for the next ring (holding my breath, tensing), looking for my next thought (when they usually appear unbidden).
I found this meditation to be very relaxing. I had few thoughts (does this mean I am empty-headed?)😂🙃🤪and there were few sounds around me, so I spent the time lost in peaceful meditation. 💫🙏♥️🙏💫
Same ol’, same ol’
Only Lisa’s bell was unfamiliar to me. All other sounds I could still recognize even through my earpods. Then my thoughts were the same I'm used to as well. I've been feeling extra depressed lately, and life in the house has been extra stressful of late. I seem to have missed a couple of days here at Aura, perhaps leading to my increased anxiety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sounds and Thoughts
I am always jumping from one task to the next. From one project to the next. From one worry to the next. I loved being reminded to take time to focus on the quiet pause. To really be in the present...
Space to Think
Being able to truly sit with my thoughts made me realize that the strange dreams I’ve been having relate to things I’ve been running from. This was an important meditation for me this morning, and I’m so grateful to have come upon it.
Being mindful about our thoughts
I noticed that my mind is very busy sometimes, reflecting my experiences from the day before. I am grateful today to be able to find some space between my thoughts and also to be mindful about them.
Very good
This was a very helpful meditation.. It helped me to observe any sounds or thoughts I had and to just let them pass. I was able to qiluiet my mind and enjoy the peacefulness it brought