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Soothing & Calming the Mind

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Soothing & calming the mind can be helpful when we are triggered by stories, rumination, strong emotions, or agitation. The gentle touch of the palms against the forehead can invite the flow of blood into this area of the body. When there is gentle pressure here and the eyes are closed this can be an invitation to rest the head and take a break from the constant doing mode to being still, warm dark, and quiet. When we are agitated the eyes can sometimes flick, so placing warm hands over the eyes can bring some ease to the face. Feel free to use a cushion or pillow on the table for more support so there is no pulling or strain in the lower back.
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s o o t h e
i have the ability to soothe and comfort myself.....knowing that is calming
I was so peaceful and comfortable with my arms resting on the table with forehead in palms. With my palms covering my eyes, the warmth and darkness seemed to penetrate to within. It felt really good! Any longer and I may have fallen asleep. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. ❤️🌷
It felt so good to rest in my palms and feel soothed. Very welcomed relief and I feel loved by myself.
Very calming & tranquillity inducing. I believe using this meditation/technique while caught in a moment of letting stress or anxiety take hold of my mind will be very useful!
Use body warmth
I learned to use body warmth during meditation. Which was new to me. Very nice!
I had a horrible dream that I wished had come true and this meditation did help me feel a little better.
I felt the warmth of my hands fill the emptiness in my heart. I have love around me, I now need to learn to love myself.
I hate myself
But I Need to take care of myself. Learn how to care about myself. So Just this small meditation got me out of my head and resentments and I feel OK to chair a meeting and carry out my personal responsibilities but I’m still swimming in chaos and anxiety but all I Can do is the next right thing
Come close
Drawing in is impossible when my pen is invisible my soul hidden in the out of presence
This practice helped me to feel centered and calm. The warmth of my hands felt very relaxing.
I am SO tense!! I am worried about too many things.
I need to show down and let my body and my mind rest. Mindfulness is something I need.
Fully Relaxing
I notice that while I focus on the relaxing sensation I realize I might be tightening my forehead or clenching my my jaw. Recognizing these tense points and releasing them helps calm me better.
Day 4
First thing in the morning doesn’t work for me, I just get stressed about time running out.
I learned that it feels better when I place my forehead in my palms and when I rub my palms together to get them warm and then put them over my closed eyes.
To worried
I am to worried and concerned about things that haven’t happened yet. I need to focus on the moments I’m in.
Day 5
I learned that I unknowingly hold tension in my shoulders and jaw sometimes.
Yoga again
I feel like I was put through the ringer today and yet I am doing yoga? What do I not understand about this. Sometimes it all makes sense like a picture on my wall or it’s on the opposite side of the world. And I just can’t see the point or idea.
In Tune
Learn to become in tune with your body because you’re body is your best friend and of place of living. Your body is your temple and it is there to provide you a safe space of you and only you. You only have one your, love and take care of yourself
In Tune
Learn to become in tune with your body because your body is your best friend and your of place of living. Your body is your temple and it is there to provide you a safe space of you and only you. You only have one you, love and take care of yourself
Deeply closing eyes
I learned that by placing my hands over my eyes, a sense of darkness and, thus neutrality, becomes present, giving my mind the room to rest and be at peace.
Not a fan
I only really learned that my jaw is really tense even while meditating. I personally didn’t take much from this one.
I don’t like grating sound of her hands rubbing. Wish there was the calming music in background. As it was the echo or tin sound made seem poorer quality than others I am used to
Focusing in on the pressure of my hands and the dark space behind my eyes helped calm my racing mind.
I needed to meditate to bring myself back into a state of calm. Going through something emotional & I’m only at the beginning of.
I learned that something that I sometimes do as a reaction to stress—placing my forehead in my hands—is an actual practice to calm me. I will be more intentional about this practice going forward.
Session 1
I felt comforted by the warmth and personal touch. I saw turquoise when i covered my eyes. Personal touch is very comforting and soothing.
Day 1
I learned that realignment can make a difference. Putting myself back in line with the universe and my body can change so much. It can change an outlook. It can be thrown off so quickly though. Especially when someone hurts you. I guess it’s all apart of the healing process. Get up, get knocked down and get back up again.
My first experience was better
This one didn’t relax me as much. Last time I woke up, did my meditation, and then was ready to go happy. Now I’m not feeling so great.
day 90/365
In this meditation I found myself not completely relaxed and in touch with my body and how the exercises made me feel. I enjoyed the part of the meditation where we rubbed our hands together to create warmth in our hands.
Need More Time To Calm Down
I learned that when things get stressed especially if you don't feel good you must drop everything and relax. I have 3 boys and one on the way. I just started to have tooth pain and a headache and this helps me to just relax and calm down to handle my kids better. 3 mins wasn't long enough for me but its a start.
Short but calming
I learned that even a short simple meditation can be calming. I was reminded of how much my mind and body need to connect to calming practices to help balance the constant chatter.
I had a headache when I started this but I noticed that it had started to go away. Now I can barely feel it! Thank you aura!
I don't know what happened.
Over the past few weeks I have assistant stage managed a musical at my local theater. It's been an eye opening experience, to say the least. I realized a lot about the theater (I'll write it all down soon. I need more time to sort it all out.). But today was the straw that began to break the camels back. I've had trouble with two of the guys (everyone else in the cast is amazing, but these two). I was trying to seat a guy that came in late, but whose seat had been given away. Well there was a deaf near his original that was free, so by the theaters rules, he should've been able to sit there. I just wanted to check with the woman in charge first. One of these guys decided to tell me that it was ok for the patron to sit. Fine, thank you. But when I said that I was waiting just a moment to speak to the director to confirm. That should've been the end of it. He could have said, "ok, I just wanted to make sure you knew." That would be a perfect response. He decided not to do that and instead to argue with me. I stood my ground and he ended up mad that I did wait. I don't know why. Later we couldn't find a prop, so I went to ask him (it was his prop). He told me that it was where it was supposed to be. I said that I hadn't seen it, but I'd check again. I did. It wasn't there. I did find it on the other side of the shelf. Not in its place. I went to put it on stage. As I was setting it, I told him that it wasn't where it was marked to be, but that I had found it and everything was ok (aka crisis averted). He snidely told me that he had to run off stage for a quick change. I don't remember what I said, but then I turned around to head off stage, so that I could keep doing my job, and he decided to call after me (very irritably) that we had been fighting all evening (no kidding). I turned around in a quick burst of anger and told him that that wasn't entirely my fault. I don't mean to paint myself as a victim or an innocent, I just honestly don't know what I've done wrong.
Thank You
This practice was so helpful. I felt so agitated. After doing this practice, I felt renewed and calm. Thank you
Loved it
I really loved this session. The exercises really helped, they where nice, easy and really calming. I will 100% use them again
This helped me to ground myself when I was feeling out of control of my body.
Touch, Warmth
This was different and I liked it. I did not want to leave from resting my head on my palms but creating warmth for my eyes was also relaxing. It was nice to tune into the body while just focusing on the sensations of touch.
Touch warmth
It was good to test head on hands and seemed to reduce some anxiety from today.
After a reaction to a triggering event, I found this meditation, this “little gem”! It’s proof that, in many instances, it doesn’t have to take much time to reset your mood. I just have to recognize when I need to take a pause and access what’s in my toolbox. Aura is my toolbox, it’s is such a gift! ☮️💜🙏🏻🫂
Lisa Pollard session
I enjoy having Lisa as my main coach doing meditations with her voice, it is very calming