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Sitting, Walking and Breathing

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Experience this gentle practice, awareness of breathing, and walking through meditation. Notice how it feels to practice sitting meditation and then walking meditation and then back to sitting. An opportunity to notice the body in stillness and then whilst moving. During insight, meditation retreats practitioners can sit, walk, sit, walk throughout the day as a way of looking after your body and learning to be present in different postures. Walking meditation is an important practice because it assists the meditator to be present whilst moving and to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. It can also be supportive if you find it difficult to be still. Enjoy your practice and I hope you find ease and can move towards balance today.
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Lisa Pollard
Comfortable with Agitation
I really enjoy practicing in this rhythm, sitting, walking, sitting and walking with the awareness of breathing. I find it supports me when I'm feeling agitated or restless. I have discovered that the walking meditation helps me to settle easily into my sitting meditation. I hope you might discover this through your own practice and explore what unfolds with sitting and walking meditation. I'm also feeling grateful that I have the time and space to practice deeply whilst on holidays.
I wasn't expecting a nearly thirty-minute long session this evening! I wasn't prepared for it! In fact? I had a snack in the middle! 🤣 Walking through the house, found the dog on the couch, chased him onto his own bed! Weird. Back to bed for me now! ‘Night all!