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Simple Morning Meditation

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Heather Gilmartin, LMSW
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
Start your day with a simple meditation to calm your mind and body. Use this meditation to deal with the morning anxiety rush and slow things down. Find a moment for gratitude and use deep soothing breaths to prepare you for the day ahead.
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Sitting down in an upright position, I brought awareness to my breath. Feeling air fill my belly, diaphragm and chest, I become rejuvenated. Feeling air leave my chest, diaphragm and belly, I become relaxed. Connecting to this receiving and giving of air is so simple, yet so satisfying to my body, mind, heart and soul. Soaring in comfort and peace, I turned my awareness to something I am grateful for. The practice of qigong came to my mind. Learning this “moving meditation” has been incredibly valuable to my physical body and the aches and pains associated with it. Reminding me of my own power, qigong allows me to connect with my energy. In flow with all of life, I have more clarity of what’s important, of what I can and cannot control. I look forward to the day I become certified so I may teach others how to use their own power within to thrive in their own life. Reconnecting with my breath, I ground myself. Feeling exuberant for this new day, my heart is open to receive new opportunities and possibilities! Thank you Heather! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I’m Ready, I’m Ready,...
Wonderful to take a few minutes from a busy morning to just relax and breathe. Namaste
Simple Morning Meditation
I learned that I can more quickly bring to mind a gratifying and fulfilling experience.
Morning meditation
This was beautiful. Let go of the past. I spend so much time hoping to change things I cannot
Wednesday 11/15
I learned that I need to keep my morning meditation going to start my day on a peaceful healthy note