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Shoulder Breathing

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Shoulder breathing is a short guided pranayama practice to invite us to breathe more deeply using movements with the arms and shoulders. tension is often held in the shoulder girdle, when we go into the fight part of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system the shoulders arms and hands can become tense. this practice can bring awareness to this part of the body and we can use the breath to release ongoing stress in this part of the body. I hope you can feel more alive from this pranayama practice to feel prana or energy building in the physical body. Thank you for meditating with me and exploring this breathing practice today. Love & blessings Lisa
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Lisa Pollard
Releasing my Shoulders
During this time of uncertainty there can be a lot of residual tension around the shoulder girdle and neck. Try this new breathing practice release tension. May we all support each other. Love & Blessings Lisa
Our shoulders are notorious for holding onto tension. In this pranayama meditation, Lisa has us perform an arm exercise that will not only release tension in our shoulders, but will also increase our prana, or our life force energy in our body. Sitting in a chair, I began to follow Lisa’s guidance. As I inhaled, I raised my arms over my head with my fingers spread. On the exhale, Lisa talks about wrapping our fingers and thumbs on the exhale, but without actually seeing her do this arm exercise, I am unsure of what she means. Thus, on my exhale, I quickly dropped my arms with my elbows bent next to my sides. Even though I am not quite sure I completely understood how to do Lisa’s arm exercise, especially on my exhale, I do feel that the tension in my shoulders has unraveled and released as well as having an overall increase in my prana. Thank you Lisa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
When I am nervous I seem to tense up all over. This practice helped me with my shoulders and it felt so good to release all of the tension. Thanks Lisa!