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Shift from Sleep to Rest Mindset

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
One of the things that interferes with sleep is stress and anxiety, particularly about trying to get to sleep. So if we shift our mindset from trying to sleep, which can elicit feels of stress or worry, to trying to rest, which takes all the pressure off. Thereby increasing our chances of actually falling asleep.
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I love this!! It came at the perfect time - as it is currently 2:22 am, so thank you so much!!! I’m honestly excited to incorporate this less stressful mental shift into my life! always love listening to your advice - thanks so much, you have a lovely soul 💜💜💜
Sleep Through Rest Mindset
This shift in mindset has been working for me lately. For a person with a “should” disposition, telling myself that it would be nice to get some rest somehow eases me, even with the stresses of the earlier day lingering in my brain. It would be nice to get some rest…a mantra that helps me. Thanks, Cass.
jess 🧡
this is such a great meditation for those who cannot fall asleep. by just shifting our mindset to “i need to rest” can reduce the pressure we can feel when trying to fall asleep, therefore making it much easier for us to actually fall asleep