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Shhh Breathing for Ease

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Shhh breathing for ease is a pranayama practice to learn to make a gentle, smooth, steady sound with the out breath. This can invite ease in the physical body and the mind. The breath becomes a bridge between the body and the mind. Notice how extending the out breath can support the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system to rest, repair & digest.  Enjoy your ongoing practice and this can be a great practice when tension and stress is building in the body heart & mind.  Thank you for meditating with me today. Love and blessings  Lisa 
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Lisa Pollard
Shhh Breathing
A wonderful practice to stretch and lengthen the out breath to invite ease if you are feeling stressed or anxious. I hope this breathing practice supports you today. Love and blessings Lisa
This pranayama practice had the effect of cooling my body. I noticed that when I would exhale « shhhhh », a nice, refreshing wind-like cool would waft around my chest, fan out across my body. It was enlivening.
so relaxing
relaxing, i love this meditation so much, i wish i could practice it every night, but i can’t afford premium, it’s too expensive 😞🐢💔