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Self-Worth & the Ripple of Destiny

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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ
How our actions ripple into habits, character, and destiny itself over time is a fascinating topic, and understanding what lies beneath all of it as a driving force is the notion of self-worth.
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4 reflections
I am good enough! It’s ok to fail if I don’t change the fact that I know I am a good person.
I found myself becoming more grounded as I listened to the message encouraging self-love and self-worth as primary goals. Although counterintuitive at first, this idea is reassuring and calming.
Finding myself over again or creating a new me.
I’m learning to be myself again, or searching for the right feelings , emotions , character and beliefs to build a new me after an accident that took my body and mind from me. Currently lost in anxiety, deep depression. It’s possible, but need help and advice. I hope it’s a short path. Thanks for you insights./
The shift
I have noticed myself really reflecting on my self worth and how it dictates my self narrative. With my intentional work I recently came to a realization that my insecurities have been creating a narrative of frenzy and self doubt to the point that it started go take my energy away and focus away from my values.