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Self Care Through Uncertainty

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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
In the midst of global change and chaos, it's normal to feel anxious and uneasy. This meditation helps you establish a sense of safety in your practice, in your space and in your being while nourishing you through a self-care-focused meditation.
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Walter J
Reassuring ...
Jordan does an excellent job talking us through a process that helps us identify, create and clear a safe area to practice our meditation. This helped me to feel safe & lower my conscious guard down. I typically am in a very safe place and this just reassured me no one could sneak up on me or disturb me, which is something I take for granted. A great idea for when traveling or away from my normal meditation space. Thanks Jordan! ❤️🧎🏻🍀
I appreciate the attention to environment in this meditation. It’s very grounding to be aware of the sunlight coming in.
Meditation is calming for sure. I do need more of this 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
A Worthy Meditation
I am sitting on the floor of my living room in Johannesburg, South Africa, looking out at the small garden with the fish pond, the birds at the bird feeder & the plants, in the quiet & serenity of a chilly winter morning. A really calming meditation & a lovely way to start the day & a new week. Thanks for this one 🙏🏻
Your breath work was really easy to follow. I liked the pace and your voice is really soothing. Thank you.
Beautiful !
It’s been a while since I have showed up for this much needed practice. My first day getting back into things and I feel like this was perfect! I just moved and with more space created and decorated a space just for my spiritual practice. This is the first day I’m using it and going through the exercise of really seeing it and embracing it made it so much more amazing. And taking this time is a form of self care !! I don’t think a lot of people include things like this on their self care Sundays, but they should to feel great in mind, body, and spirit!! This was absolutely stunning. I ended it with such a big smile on my face. Thank you
Feeling grounded
This was a beautiful experience for me this morning! Thank you…
Quiet Meditation
I discovered that I much prefer meditating with my eyes closed. Looking around the room was too distracting for me and my mind went to things that needed to be done.
Quiet grounding
This is a beautiful meditation to ground in the present messy space where my cushion temporarily resides. My meditation space is temporary just like life. I need to fully present in each moment to enjoy this time i have.
Von Frank
What’s makes my space grounding is Silence, Silence a rare gem to have.
Self care
It is essential for each of us to self-care. Always. No matter the circumstances. I've done so in the worst of situations. With chaos around me. Just hanging on. It is possible.
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