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Self Care Series // 1

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is part one of a series on self care explored through the analogy of a car.  Learning to read our own "inner dashboard" and receive the signals it's attempting to give us.
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Self Care Series 1
Most of us know how to maintain our vehicle. We know when the vehicle needs gas. We know when to change the oil. We know when to put air in the tires. We know when the engine needs attention. We know these things because a light on the dashboard comes on in most cases. In this way, when it comes to caring for our vehicle, everything is cut and dry. When we think of caring for our bodies, we know that it needs nourishment in the form of food and water. We know it needs to move in the form of exercise. We know it needs to be kept clean in the form of good hygiene. However, self care can be a little more tricky because as we receive signals that our body needs attention in some fashion, our mind contain thoughts, which lead to feelings. These feelings send us signals. For instance, when we feel hungry, we may just be feeling bored and thus, we feel hungry even though our body doesn’t actually need food at that time. We all know what can happen to our waistline when we eat mindlessly. In the next installment of this three part series, Cassandra tells us how we can use our own dashboard as an indicator for self care. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Need to take care of me so I don’t brake down . Eat healthy sleep well . Be there for others
Self Care is Crucial
If I want my body and mind to function, I need to maintain regular service checks. I need to give and receive love and kindness. I need to eat healthy foods and drinks. I need to pay attention to signals my body and mind give for self care. I then must service it to stay healthy.
I’m not very good with acting on signals and prompts, whether they are biological or mental in nature. I really need to work on actually reacting to hearing about tasks I’ve set, like washing the dishes — in particular — or exercising whether I have access to Daily Burn or not. If I can remember what the motions are, I need to not ignore what needs doing. My biggest hurdle comes from the executive dysfunction I suffer from for various reasons, but it’s not enough to just acknowledge that this is the case. I have to also realize that I need to do that tasks as soon as I hear about it. It has to be about what I’m willing to do for myself in aid of conquering my hydrophobia, my tunnel vision, my inability to not react when my mother speaks to me. It has to be about my needs, wants, and desires. I’ve said a lot that I’m the one who has to live with my body and that is still extremely true, but I’m also aware that there are things I can do for myself that are controlled by Ulysses contracts instead of willpower. These are the impulses that I need to act on because, in the end, it makes my life a bit more bearable without my necessarily needing something like comfort food. Doing yoga when I’m upset, while not answering my mother’s phone calls. Doing meditation and journaling my feelings and stopping contact with people who cannot accept me for who I am and seem to be completely unaware of their own actions, reactions, words, and the feelings that make them do such hurtful things even when they think they’re being helpful. They need to actually listen when I tell them that, in fact, no they’re not.
Love this anology
What an excellent way to think of self care! I’ll probably think of this analogy every time I get in a car!😍 I’m working on loving and caring for myself. This analogy helps me to remember to listen to the “warning signs” when my body and mind need something. Thank you Cassandra!