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Self Care // 2

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is part two of a series on self care explored through the analogy of a car.  Learning to read our own "inner dashboard" and receive the signals it is attempting to give us.
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Self Care 2
When we receive a light on the dashboard of our vehicle, we usually take care of the issue because we know that more serious issues can arise if we do nothing. When it comes to the lights that our body give us, we are more inclined to ignore or mask those lights. For instance, we may ignore hungry and tired lights by continuing to go on with what we are doing. Or we may eat even if our body isn’t indicating that it needs food. If we have a headache, we may just take a pill of some kind and continue on going. But, the lights that our body give us can mean very different things. As with the headache, perhaps it is because of an underlying neck issue, of dehydration or of overthinking something. In this second installment of this three part series, Cassandra gives us a new way, a perspective shift if you will, in which we explore the possibility that the lights our body give us are there to help us. They are there to help us be in our most optimal state. Thinking of the lights that our body give us in this way, we are more inclined to stop, question and take care of the lights when they appear on our inner dashboard. After all, we all want our body to be performing at our optimum level so we may live our best life!
Self care
I learned that we need to take care of ourselves and not just ignore
Self care
This practice made me realize that, like most, I don’t take care of my body. I often ignore the signals of hunger, fatigue, etc. If I treat my body as well as I treat my materials, and care for my body as I would my most prized possessions, I will find myself in a good mental state.
Body signals
I learned that The human body sends different signals for whenever we need to engage in various aspects of self-care. I also learned that many people ignore the signals. This has helped me to realize, that I am guilty of ignoring many tired and hungry signals. This includes me. I have a bad habit of viewing these Signals as in the way of getting things done. However, with the help, I understand that self-care signals are my body‘s way of telling me to change to change plans. These signals are allies,Not enemies. they are designed to help people maintain optimal functioning on physical , Mental, and emotional levels. I will Make an effort to pay closer attention to the signals and future.
My inner dashboard
I really like this analogy about the inner dashboard. The specific comment about the headache hit personally as I’ve been battling one all week. It would be so nice if we had a light come on that told us the specific fix for the problem so I’m learning I need to become more in tune with my body to figure out the cause.