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Rest & Renew

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Rest & Renew is a gentle restorative yoga practice, to calm and balance the entire body. Explore how using props and various yoga postures can invite ease and stillness. Allow your body to be held by the props and invite any stress or agitation to settle. Restorative Yoga can be very beneficial in stressful times, taking the time to rest & renew each day can support the body into wellness. This gentle practice can encourage space for ease and reduce the effects of chronic stress. Practitioners can learn to shift from doing to being and enjoy listening deeply to the body, heart, and mind.
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Lisa Pollard
Gardening in the Heat
I learnt that Rest & Renew was a wonderful restorative yoga practice to do after digging and weeding in the heat. My body felt tired after gardening but since practicing this guided sequence I now feel more energised and able to enjoy the afternoon. Restorative yoga is such a gift to the body, mind & heart, particularly as a way of filling the body back up with energy and inviting ease.
So relaxing before bedtime
I didn’t use the props during this meditation, instead I was in bed with a pillow under my knees. My mind wandered a lot but, it did not lessen my experience. I feel very calm, relaxed and feather light. I’m ready for sleep now 😴
Rest and renew
Thank you for the wonderful restorative yoga. I did this at bedtime and it is so relaxing. Yoga is like a moving meditation. It is good for the entire body and your soul. Yoga has turned my life around.