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Remember to Breathe

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This short guided mindfulness recording is to support you to pause and remember to breathe, being aware of wherever the sensations of breathing are most vivid or obvious to you. inviting your body and your breath to be your home base. Remembering to be here now and simply breathe in and out. This practice can be helpful in the moments when you may feel strong emotions or be triggered. It can be helpful to pause relax and open to what is here right now. I hope your practice nourishes you today and you can be awake and aware. Thank- you for your commitment to your ongoing practice today.
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Best Triggering solution.
I learnt that once triggered by any reason. For any cause. Your loosing to your enemy. Because if you are triggered then your enemy has won. Submit your anger to reasoning. And be neutral to the situation and your enemy will be the one to get triggered. because he didn’t succeed in pushing your trigger. And that alone shows and means that you have complete self control.
Perfect timing!
This lesson came to me seconds after losing it on two of my children bc as I was trying to just have a moment of private time in a place we all deserve..I won't say. They both barge in! It is as if they think I am not human that I am their puppet. Daddy gets that time. Why don't I deserve it? I'm so frustrated and feel like a punching bag. I am at the end of a slippery slope!!
Taking a moment to breathe will relax and rejuvenate. I definitely needed this today
Selling it all and buying new feelings a new brain all new me all over again just in time for it to end again
Dat two
Strange to think that I've always considered that I was aware of my self and my body's needs... Yet two days into this I realize how little time I spent aware of my own needs.
Nice affirmations regarding use of Aura
I thought I would feel odd using Aura and developing a practice of mindfulness. It's not really "me" but here I am, a couple of months in, and still enjoying my Aura time each morning. I THINK it's helping me control my stress better, and helping to keep my raging blood pressure down! I've made some good acquaintances through the app too, so that's nice!🤗
I haven’t been very mindful lately, and yesterday my mind was caught up in to-do’s and should-have’s. This was a timely meditation and today I’m going to practice noticing when I get all worked up so I can stop and take a breathe.
I️ feel very disgusted in myself. I️ want to eat all the food at thanksgiving dinner but I️ also don’t. I’ve already gouged myself today at my grandparents. Who knew I️ had so little self control?
The holidays are triggers for anxiety for me. This practice helps bring me back to the very moment at hand. No need to ponder all those what ifs that haven't happened and may never happen. The here and now is all there is.
Deep breathe
To take a moment and breathe deeply and to visualize what I need to do
Strong. Negative emotion
I hate feeling this way. This emotion is way too encompassing.