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Releasing Tension

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Releasing tension in the body with the out-breath can be a support to your general well-being. This short guided meditation allows you to rest your attention in the hands, face, and belly. Places where you may carry tension or tightness. Notice if inviting ease with the out-breath helps to let go of any holding or contraction. This short movement practice can help you to let go of tension in various parts of the body. Enjoy this exploration as you learn to open to the body, heart & mind. Thank you for listening and moving with the body and breath today.
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10 reflections
Making my day melt away
This experience was very relieving. I will continue doing this when my body aches from working all day.
Really enjoyed this meditation
Nice to have a meditation not as focused on stillness for once
Yesterday while trying to navigate the side of a ravine I slipped and rolled halfway down the side skinning my knees and elbows. Other than that I'm fine but I was still feeling off balance in more ways than one. While concentrating on my breathing today, this is going to sound strange, but I could feel my energy escaping my body through the abrasions. But when I focused on releasing the tension I was holding inside, the blemished barrier of my skin felt better and I definitely felt more centered inside.
I learned that muscle control helps my headaches lessen. My head feels better than before I started.
End of the day
Really nice meditation. Helped me finish my work day wonderfully!
Mind & Body
I learned that focusing on different areas of my body and physically releasing tension in small pieces can help me to understand and release the tension in my mind as well.
Focusing my mind
The past few days I have had difficulty settling down my mind and focusing it. This little meditation was very helpful. By tensing and then releasing the tension I was able to stop my mind from wandering and focus it.
Didn’t finish
I wish the meditation didn’t keep cutting out, what I was able to hear and do seemed to help. Maybe I’ll try another time 🙁
I will need to try this one again. I struggled to remain focused and as a result wasn’t truly able to follow through in what was being asked if me. I’ve been feeling quite sad today as my daughter is still struggling with separation anxiety and I thought this would take my mind off things but I still wasn’t able to let go. My sadness plays on my anxiety and I feel like I don’t have the right to cry or to feel the way I do but I do have the right to feel this way. Even a mom not suffering from anxiety would feel they way I do about their child who is struggling.
Releasing tension
Speak up please, I can’t understand what you are saying. You are mumbling and not pronouncing.