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Release the Day Before Sleep

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
We tend to find our heads are busy and stressed as they hit the pillow before sleep. This short meditation helps to slowly unravel from the day and encourage you into finding peace in the present moment. Releasing any weight you are carrying and letting the breath bring you more lightness.
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11 reflections
Best night sleep ever
I saw that this one was only 7 minutes and I didn’t really think that would be long enough to get me to wind down, relax and get to sleep. I was out like a light before it ended. So incredibly impressed.
Perfect to end the day
Whenever I have a busy day, I practise this meditation and I feel much better to have a restful sleep
Calming end to the evening
I was able to release some of the days tension and imagine how I wanted my day to end
Sandra Kaumoana
Rest for the day.
I liked how breathing was everything! I need more of Jesus, relying too much on my own vices.
Fall asleep happy
I learned to fall asleep satisfied and on a happy note which made it easy to drift into sleep.
Third -realization
I reflected during this session about how I have done enough. Which is different that here’s what left to do. Also that I have the power to change my unhealthful drinking and eating after dinner. And I can start the last third of my life with better approaches.
Reminder to be Present
I loved this session for many reasons. The sound of water no matter if it’s a stream, ocean waves, rain etc; the sound of water always brings me peace. The voice for this session was very gentle & peaceful. I love the subtle reminders to remember the day and how you felt but to let it go & be grateful for this moment of being where you are. Mindful of how you feel. Very relaxing session. Loved it.
Easy and effective
Worked well to help me completely relax and release the day away while tuning into my breathing. I was able to fall asleep very quickly and easily.
I feel happier and more motivated
For the first time in a while I have felt content and not sad.
very relaxing and super recommended.
It is important to learn to be present and I think meditation is key when it comes to learning that.
Release the day ...
Telling myself "I have done enough today" is a really valuable way to end my day. I'm loving and giving grace to myself, opening me to sleep unburdened by thoughts of regret or guilt or frustration or self-recrimination. I feel content and at peace. ☺️🙏🏻
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