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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Refreshing your body through touch, massage, gentle movement, and attention is a wonderful way to refresh your body and to release tension. When we are stressed the body holds tension, particularly in the face, tongue & jaw. This short guided practice is an invitation to gently let go of ongoing tension through simple movements with your body to invite ease. I hope you can continue to move towards balance with your practice today. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to being aware and awake in your body heart & mind.
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Lisa Pollard
Releasing Tension in my Face
I like to do this practice each night after putting the children to bed. I find there can be a build up of tension in the tongue, face and jaw from lots of talking and organising. This short practice allows my face to soften before I take my seat and sit in silence. I hope you can benefit too from releasing tension in this part of your body.
Conscious Relaxation
Thank you Lisa, lovely to spend time on consciously relaxing facial muscles - so many of them! I enjoyed this practice.
Release and refresh
It seems so simple to do light touches or rubbing areas of the face but, afterward all I can say is wow. I felt my facial muscles relax and enjoy the special attention. I think I will try more of the meditations that incorporate movement.
New favorite 💆‍♀️
I really enjoyed being guided thur this meditation. The facial massage & tapping on the areas of my face that holds the most tension was so relaxing. I didn’t notice the tension until I was guided thru the motions. This ones a favorite!
Just mild facial massage and tapping - so much happens! I tried tapping years ago but I liked how this was incorporated into a larger exercise. I’m kind of amazed!
Such an wonderful reminder from days of old (the 80s) 😊. That’s when I began my journey of self awareness, self care and healing. And it continues... more healing by lifting the lid of my heart memories to release old hurts, old memories, old values and allow the loving light of my HP in. That’s where the release turns into forgiveness. Ahhhh, sweet release. Nomasta. 🙏🏻
That actually felt really nice. It’s definitely easy and refreshing enough to want to add into my daily routine.
Face Massage
I did not realize how much tension I hold into my face until listening to this session. The gentle tapping Lisa explains on each section of the face is an easy way to release any tension from your face. This felt lovely. I will definitely revisit this one.
Facial Exercises
We may not realize, but we are stressed, we can hold a lot of tension in our face, most notably in the forehead, jaw and tongue. In this informative meditation, Lisa introduces us to exercises that we can use to release tension in our face. Following Lisa’s guidance, I began performing the exercise with my tongue, making circular motions to the inside of my cheeks. Then, using my index fingers, I made circular motions at the hinges of my my jaw. The final exercise, I lightly tapped my forehead, eyebrows and cheekbones with the tips of my fingers. After preforming these simple exercises, I not only felt the tension in my face melt away, I actually feel more refreshed and awake. Wow! These facial exercises can be incorporated into our morning routine to help wake us up, during the day to refresh us or to release tension. I am grateful for learning these simple, yet powerful facial exercises. Thank you Lisa for this very informative session and Julie for leading me to listen! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Cyndee 🌊
Never fails me...
I particularly enjoyed this meditation because although I felt relaxed I discovered that I did have some tension in my forehead and brows. Nice to know that when I’m already feeling chilled out that I could actually become more relaxed. I’ve enjoyed this meditation in the past and I’m happy that I rediscovered it again today.
Inviting Ease
Sometimes we hold tension in our face without realizing it. In this meditation, Lisa has us explore areas in our face. Doing so, we invite ease into this area of our body. Standing up, I began to follow Lisa’s gentle guidance. Beginning with my tongue, I had it do circular motions on both of the insides of my cheeks. I never realized how relaxing this simple motion can feel! Almost like a mini massage for my mouth! Moving on, I began to do circular motions with my index fingers at the hinges of my jaw. This invited ease in an area that notoriously holds a lot of tension. Moving on, I tapped my forehead, my eyebrows, my temples and my cheekbones. Doing this simple exercise not only invited ease, but helped to wake me up even more. Thank you Lisa for giving me these simple exercises to invite ease into a place that can hold tension I often overlook, my face. My face is relaxed and refreshed! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️