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Relax & Get Quiet

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Beckie Kullberg
Life Coach
Taking a few minutes for you each day helps calm your mind, makes your more patient, and creates a greater sense of well-being. This relaxing meditation gets you into the space to quiet your mind and energize your soul.
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Relax and Get Quiet
I’m feeling really great about today. I’m combining my meditation with squeezing a stress ball while I wait for my meds to work, so I can shower with panicking because I love being clean and I even love watching water, even though I am hydrophobic. I’m trying to remind myself that I’m not drowning, that I’m safe, but the four-year-old me who went through that still asserts herself if I don’t take precautions. Being told how brave I am for not running out of the shower (again, I like being clean; I also like not getting water all over my bathroom), but doing that only made that panic attack that day so much worse. I’m taking precautions because I’m remembering it’s a new day and I can always think of solutions like yoga and meditation to calm myself and playing music when I’m in my bathroom so I’m not bogged down with obsessive thoughts and can give myself the care I deserve and yearn for. I wasn’t aware of my hydrophobia until about five years ago, which is a long time, but now that I am, I can reflect on those responses my body made out of terror that my conscious mind couldn’t remember. I want to officially, steadily learn to swim. I think it would help a ton.
Today I have used my time...
To consider my affirmative statements. I made myself read all of them out loud and it’s exhausting because I’m forced to think about their meanings and why they mattered. I’m actually worn out, but that could easily be explained by my other health issues, but I’m going to take time to integrate these words into my being because those things are okay to feel and consider.
Right now...
When I woke up, I journaled, meditated, and read all of my affirmations out loud. After that, I felt incredibly drained and tired. I still feel that way, but right now, I’m washing the dishes. Next up is my therapy appointment and then I’m going to go to the post office and then do yoga when I get back and then work on JavaScript. If I don’t get to JavaScript, that’s okay, but I might make some caffeinated tea to get some energy, though.