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Reframing “Shoulds”

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
A should statement is a type of negative thinking pattern. “Shoulds” lead to judgment and can trigger feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. With practice, you can begin to identify and work on reframing your “Shoulds.”
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I think we all struggle with “shoulds” sometimes. Thank you for tools to help reframe these thoughts.
Jeanne Marie
I’ve been trapped inside my “should have’s” for quite some time…thanks for opening the door to change for me!
Shoud that’s a new word in My vocabulary
Starting out on a new day a day filled with possibilities all sorts of possibilities and adventure too. Make sure to take your vitamins and drink plenty of fresh water because staying hydrated is vital to healthy cell formation and as I told it to former POTUS Obama & FLOTUS Obama that God wants healthy bodies and healthy minds in his people and we need more Individuals who will progress and teach other nations to progress and better educate their youth going to start a global revolution.
This was a good one. I use should a lot and it does cause anxiety. Will work at changing my vocabulary and being so hard on myself.
Should reframed can make all the difference moving forward
The simple reframing of a word can have a multiplier effect on your moment, day and on. Certain words carry a heavy guilt albeit unconscious which can slow us down…