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Raise Your Vibration Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
This beautiful meditation guides you on a healing journey of enlightenment and higher consciousness. The first part of the recording briefly explains how your vibrational energy works and the things you can do to raise your vibrational energy.
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Higher Vibrations
We all vibrate energy at a particular frequency. The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, you experience clarity, peace, love, and joy. A few ways to keep your energy vibrating at a higher level is eating healthy, exercise regularly, and reading positive material. When we are vibrating at a higher level, we will attract good things into our life. If your mind is full of negative thoughts and feelings, you are vibrating at a low level which will attract negative things in your life as well as negative people. Yesterday was a mentally draining day which I could tell I was filled with negativity that I wanted to get rid of from my mind, body, and spirit. I definitely wanted to get my energy vibration to a higher level. In this hypnosis session which is geared for bedtime, Glenn guides you through getting rid of anything that is holding you back by releasing it through your exhale. Then refocusing on raising your vibration levels with reciting a few affirmations. After this excellent session, I felt much lighter, happier, and balanced. This will definitely be on repeat for awhile to continue to build my emotional resilience.
Good 👍🏻 vibration z
I’m learning to relax and enjoy life with the app and use it every day. At last, something actually helps anxiety 😟
So happy Thank you so
So happy and thankful for your guidance and The magic of your voice
I have been listening to Glenn for a few months now. I feel a lot healthier and stronger internally with his remarkable wisdom and guidance.
I learned that listening to these meditations daily helps build my subconscious mind and internalizes things in a deep way to the core of my soul. Glenn has been my favorite to listen to and I only have maybe 2 favorites here and the rest are good too but he is the excellent and most favorite for me personally. I have been doing yoga for 20+ years now and this helps me also to change bad habits I have acquired and help me stay aligned into positive energy and thinking. Thank You SO much Glenn! At times I get weak willed and this recording helps bring me back into my true Self. I also have found many new opportunities being attracted. Thank You again. I just have to keep cultivating this positive energy and eliminate bad energy.
Session with Glenn
I can really benefit from these sessions. I have been trying to meditate for years but it hasn’t worked for me. Hopefully a more structured approach will help. I look forward to making more progress.
I love this Meditation ❤️ i feel so peaceful and energized, calm and happy! I'm trying to make time for it three times per week, just to boost myself.
Energy boost activated!!
Incredible guided meditation. I feel energized, motivated, and worthy. Thank you ❤️
Higher energy
That's who we are. To be this higher energy is letting go of my anchors. Letting go of the mindless and live the mindful. Take what is already mine. Feel it, live it, be it. Accept nothing less So be it 🙏
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