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Practicing Gratitude

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
Putting the practice of gratitude into play. What does feeling grateful mean to you? Dig deeper into how gratitude can fill up your life and give it more meaning.
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Calm rested clear focus
No rushing to get there w a practice of thankfulness. My nature softens. Settles. There is a liking enjoying and self loving. A gift of being grateful is self referencing. Maybe that’s too big a term. Perhaps gratitude just slides over to make room for more gratitude. Generous with my self. No space to be harsh, quarrelsome or anxious. Ahhh
Taknemlig og glad for
Jeg er glad for og taknemlig for at jeg har fået lov til at have Sif i mit liv. Jeg er taknemlig og glad for at naturen er lige udenfor mit vindue. Jeg er taknemlig for stilheden der er herhjemme. Jeg elsker stilhed. Jeg er taknemlig og glad for at vi har en hus der vil beskytte os resten af livet, når vi er færdige i år. Taknemlig føles som randen på gråd. Men på en måde som jeg ikke kan få nok af.
I’m aware I have many blessings from a beautiful lake view I take in each morning with my coffee, to my nearby dear son who always makes me laugh, his bright and beautiful wife who loves to discuss books and their boys, 8 and 11, who will help me with my latest jigsaw puzzle even though they’d rather be playing some electronic game. Oh, and I sleep with a handsome rascal, an aging Schnauzer who wakens me when he whimpers while chasing squirrels in his dreams. I feel gratitude as a full feeling, warm and sunny, that sometimes makes me teary but always happy.
I liked just picking one thing out and really thinking about why I’m so grateful for it. There are so many things that I’m thankful to have in my life, stopping to appreciate them individually makes them each more special
My Child
My oldest child and my daughter in law brought me into their home at a time in which my ptsd was overwhelming. They listen. The more they listen and offer advice, the more thankful I feel. This had to be difficult for them, but they did it, and i am forever thankful for their love.