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Pleasure Walk

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This guided meditation invites the practitioner to take care of yourself in nature. Walking meditation to connect with anything that registers as pleasant inside the body and around you. Walking naturally and pausing when there is anything pleasant, pause and take in the goodness of each new moment. Thank you for your practice and I hope this can nourish you today. Bestwsuges Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Pleasure Walk
This is my go to afternoon practice when my energy drops after lunch. I enjoy being in nature and taking in the goodness of pleasant sensations. Often when my energy drops I notice more of a negative bias rising in my thought stream. So this pleasure walk practice supports me to open to the language of sensation, I hope you can try this for yourself. Best wishes Lisa
Missing it
Oh, the things we can miss when we are busy and preoccupied! We don’t need to slow our pace, we merely need to be “present in the moment” as we walk, in order to enjoy life’s blessings.💡
True measure
What can appear to be a good possession or ideal, can often times be deceiving and unfulfilling - leaving us drained and desiring more.