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Pausing into Presence

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
An invitation to pause into presence, by stopping and breathing and welcoming yourself into this new fresh moment. We often rush through our daily lives, this practice will support you to mindfully pause and be with the body breathing. I hope your practice continues to grow as you learn to pause and come home to your body and breath as an anchor at various times throughout your day. Breathing consciously with awareness, as you trust that your body knows how to breathe. thank-you for your practice.
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Lisa Pollard
Pausing into Presence
During the festive season I can feel the rush and fast pace of life. This guided meditation is an invitation to pause into presence. I hope you too can benefit from taking the time to pause and experience the benefits of being embodied. Thank you for your ongoing practice and being aware of the importance of non-doing at this time of year. Best wishes Lisa
Pausing into present
I really struggle with being present. I get caught up on the past which cannot be changed or in the future which cannot be controlled. Worry and strife are only making me tired. This moment... and this one...
Sometimes it’s harder to pause, and be present, than other times. Household noises, which I need to remain alert to, tend to get in the way every now and then, but I try to remember to just come back to the breath when I get distracted. But — I don’t always remember and wish I did! I do want to repeat this meditation later today, maybe when it’s quiet at work (Wednesdays tend to be quieter than other days, though that’s not guaranteed!). Also I need to remember to turn off notifications for a few minutes every day, since I use my phone for this!
Time out
I need to do this more often. A mental time out from the craziness around me. I need to practice more as I often miss it until after and get really need it when I am in the midst of the crazy. Training the brain can be hard at times. I will keep practicing